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IMEI Generator & Phone Specs v2.6

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IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 2.6
Loading... IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 2.6
Loading... IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 2.6
Loading... IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 2.6
Loading... IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 2.6
Loading... IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 2.6
Loading... IMEI Generator & Phone Specs 2.6

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Each IMEI has been tested and confirmed to be real. With the IMEI GENERATOR there is no chance of getting a fake IMEI. There are more than a hundred phones listed and more will be added as time goes on.

Generate multiple IMEI at a go
Get your IMEI info by analyzing your IMEI
Correct your luhn digit
IMEI generator is also an IMEI checker for checking phone's IMEI
IMEI generator can be used to generate IMEI which you may use to change and repair your IMEI

MTK Engineering mode allows you to run Advanced Setup from Engineering Mode Menu of MTK phones also called SERVICE MODE.

How to use MTK Engineering Mode:
When you get the following message;
"EM is an advanced debug mode. If you want to entry the EM please entry the developer options at settings"

Go to settings and activate developer options by clicking on Build number 7 times.

This app makes it easy to analyze your IMEI to check if its correct. It is also used to check the IMEI of your device with just a click.

The Phone specifications function of the app provides the users of this app with basic information of many models of different brands of mobile devices and phones.

Specifications include:
Operating System
Connectivity Sensor
Other features included

Easy Comparison:
This app makes it easier to compare multiple devices with its tab function allowing you to slide through each device and its specifications with ease.

The specifications however do not include images of the phone due to copyright concerns. For complaints or questions contact the developer directly on the email provided. [email protected]

The app is in English Spanish French Turkish and Hindi. The IMEI GENERATOR is a simple app for generating and analyzing IMEI for mobile phones. The app is easy to use with no complications. IMEI GENERATOR is brought to you by gibatekpro.

This app is not used to track lost phones.
This app has no link whatsoever to any app or website that provides similar contents. Contents on this app have no affiliation with any website.
This app DOES NOT load its contents from any website and is completely independent.
For any complaints ensure you contact the developer first on [email protected]

Thank you for your support.

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IMEI Generator & Phone Specs / What's New in v2.6

MTK Engineering Mode
Android Settings
Samsung Settings
Improved UI
Many Languages (up to 50)
More Device IMEI
More Phone Specs
BUG Fixes

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