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Neutron Player 3.3
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Neutron Player / Description

Single app to manage play and stream videos and music with beautiful user interface.

Manage and play your media either audios or videos easily and efficiently with Neutron Player.

Neutron Player as a package incorporates two modules namely:
A). Neutron Player - Video Player
B). Electron Player - Audio Player

Neutron Player supports all major video & audio formats like: .mp4 .mkv .3gp .flv .m3u8 .mpd .mp3 .m4a .ogg .aac etc.

A.) Neutron Video Player

There are two options for listing down the videos expanded and collapsed to list all videos at once or collapse them under their folders respectively.

Neutron Video Player has gestures controls built into it's core you can enable or disable any gesture you would like. There are seek volume brightness double tap pinch zoom gestures.

With Audio Boost you can increase videos volume by 200%

You can stream videos from any public video URL the streaming video can also be downloaded to be watched later.

There's is a built in floating window that can be put anywhere on the screen and you will be able to use your phone while watching videos in a floating window that even can be resized pushed anywhere on the screen. (Requires Android Version 5.0+)

You can enable or disable History feature which will keep your video logs.

There's a built in subtitles support subtitles can be browsed by you from your device. Embedded subtitles can be fetched by the player itself.

Subtitles search and download support is also there you can search missing subtitles for any of your movies/tv shows etc. Subtitles can be downloaded and applied automatically in multiple languages.

With split screen support you can watch videos while using any other app like chatting apps or you can do any work. (Requires Android Version 7.0+)

There's a screenshot capture button on the dashboard itself which lets you capture a moment with just one click.

There is a dedicated screen to show captured screenshots which then can be opened shared or deleted within the app.

There's an option for searching any video.

You can adjust playback speeds from 0.1X to 3.0X times.

Ever recorded a tilted video? You can straighten them by using video rotation feature.

Videos and folders can be sorted by orders: Alphabetic Latest Oldest.

B) Electron Audio/Music Player

All the audio tracks are organised by the app in album artists folders etc. that are shown in their separate lists.

Support for tag editing.

You can search any track inside any of the category mentioned above.

Has basic functionalities like : skipping looping shuffling etc.

The music playback can also be played in background and when screen is locked or while doing any other task.

You can control your music playback via a playback notification.

The music playback can also be controlled via a headset hook button music player can detect three types of interchangeable actions skip play/pause previous.

Equalizer support for both Audio as well as Video Player.

Designed according to material design guidelines.

With multiple dark and light themes you can customise theme of Neutron Video Player and Electron Audio/Music Player to your likings.

You can perform some content actions as well with this video player like deletion renaming check info sharing etc.

With highly customisable settings you can tweak most of the things to your likings.

Highlights of Neutron Player:

★ Video Player
★ Audio/Music Player
★ Folder wise video categorisation
★ Full Music categorisation
★ Gesture Controls
★ Audio Boost
★ Equalizer Bass boost Virtualizer Custom presets
★ Network Streaming
★ Subtitles Search and Download
★ Tag Editing
★ History Feature
★ 35+ Light and Dark color themes
★ Playback Speeds
★ One click screenshot
★ Video rotation
★ Multiple sorting options
★ Search
★ Delete Rename Share Info options
★ Floating Window
★ Split Screen Support
★ Full Material Design
★ Highly customizable settings

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Neutron Player / What's New in v3.3

- ID3 Tag editing to edit audio meta-data. (Title, Artist, Album, Art etc.)
- Notch support in video player.
- Media session implementation.
- New media style notifications.
- Pinch zoom gesture.
- PIP support for Android Oreo and later.
- Equalizer support.
- Subtitles search and download support.
- Network stream can play more formats now.
- Bug Fix! Headset bug fix on lock screen.
- Bug Fix! Vibration on each notification update.
- UI changes, UI fixes, bug fixes and improvements.

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