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Bluetooth Serial Terminal Ultimate v26.4

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Bluetooth Serial Terminal Ultimate 26.4
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★★★This is a must app for people who want real serial monitor for ease of access. !★★★

Serial Port Terminal app for USB and Bluetooth built in devices. In USB SPP mode all popular usb to serial TTL chips are supported such as; FTDI CP210X CH340X and PL230X. All received serial data displayed on App Console and It is very useful app in debugging for serial communication applications such as internet of things and so on.

In Bluetooth SPP mode just search for bluetooth devices and then send your data from Serial Port Console to bluetooth enabled devices easily.

In USB SPP mode You can set up all parameters to set up connection with serial chip such as baud rate stop bits flow control parameters parity and so on.

What s more You can also write your scripts to save and use it later on console and all AT commands collection added for some Bluetooth and Wifi chips such as HM-10 HC-05 HC-06 and Esp8266 for ease of access. Now Connect Usb Otg cable to your mobile phone and access to your Internet of things devices easily and control them or just use Bluetooth Spp connection to communicate with your device.

■ Please Note !
★Please give permissions in dialog so that app will auto search and pair bluetooth devices inside app.
★The phone must support USB-Host Mode in usb mode!
★USB-OTG cable is required !
★USB-OTG cable must be shorter than 20cm to avoid possible voltage drops and to avoid possible Serial
chips malfunction !
★The Battery level must be greater that %25 to have enough power to Usb Host or it will not detect serial devices.

■ Serial Port Terminal app features:
★Bluetooth SPP console.
★Support for CDC-ACM based devices
★Support for USB with OTG adapter and USB Bridge chips
★Support for FTDI based devices.
★Support for CH340G and CH340X based devices.
★Support for Prolific PL2303X based devices.
★Support for Silicon Labs CP210x based devices.
★Support for all Arduino Arduino Uno and so on.
★Easy to Export Console Log to Csv and Text formats.
★Support for almost all Baud Rates.
★Data Bits : 5 6 7 or 8 selectable in settings.
★Stop Bits 1 2 or 15 selectable in settings.
★Flow control such as RTS_CTSDSR_DTR and XON_XOFF.
★Char and Hex display settings.
★AT commands for popular Bluetooth chips such as Hc-05hc-06 and Hm-10.
★AT commands for Wifi Esp8266 chips.
★Wifi commands for Nodemcu Esp8266.
★Easy copy and paste your scripts dialog for ease of access.
★Write Linefeed code such as CRCR+LF and LF.
★No root permission required.


Q: How to get more benefit out of this app?
A: You must use quality Usb Otg Cables cheap cables will drop connection !

Q: My bluetooth device is not detected What to do?
A: Do not forget to give special permission to app !

Q: My device is not detected in USB Mode What to do?
A: if your device not detected please check battery level in your mobile. it must be greater then %30 at least to power your device from mobile usb host. if your device still not detected please send me your device info along with vendor and product ID.

Q: Serial Terminal for USB app drains too much power from battery?
A: Please use short Usb otg cables !

Q: Serial Terminal for USB app lags in some flow control modes what to do?
A: Some Serial TTL chips do not support some flow control modes. in this case please unplug device and switch flow control to off and same case for baud rate and so on!

■ Advertising Policy Disclosure:
We love creating apps and want to keep them free forever.
In order to keep our development running Serial Terminal Ultimate is ad-supported to generate some revenue.
Thank you for understanding.

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Bugs are fixed++
Speed increased++
Support added for new devices++

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