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WeSpice Demo 1.90
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Analog digital and mixed-signal circuit design and simulation on your device!

WeSpice is a powerful and flexible electronic circuit design suite for everybody - professionals and hobbyists alike.

The simulation engine is NGSPICE running locally on your device.
No need to stay connected all the time to some server - everything is included!

== Features ==
+ From transistor-level to advanced modeling everything is easy to build and simulate.
+ Device TCAD 1D and 2D modelling and simulation.
+ Flexibility to build hierarchical schematics symbols and models (including corners).
+ All tools work together seamlessly so you can go fast from design idea to results. No need to look under the hood.
+ When you want more control you have that also: all files are editable text that you can tweak.
+ At all steps you can import data and proceed (including models and spice input: netlists commands etc.).
+ Share literally anything (including schematics symbols models netlists results screen snapshots) via mail or any other app.
+ Pre-made symbols for all primitive components.
+ Several sample schematic including: folded cascode OTA bandgap reference chargepump sigma-delta ADC models.
+ Easy-to-use results browser allows to plot and measure. Pick your outputs directly from the schematics or from a list.
+ No ads!

== Free Demo ==
Try our free WeSpice Demo!
The demo version has less functionality but still allows you to try out most of the features.
We recommend installing the demo first to check compatibility and ease of use (especially for small phones).
Limitations: no Symbol Editor and Model Manager large schematics are not saved long simulations are truncated.

== Simulator ==
+ The simulator is NGSPICE based on Berkeley SPICE 3F5. Compared to SPICE 3F5 NGSPICE has many additions is more stable and runs faster.
+ The XSPICE extension adds event-driven simulation capabilities allowing efficient simulation of digital and mixed-signal schematics. It includes new code models for analog digital and real functions together with digital and real node types.
+ The CIDER extension adds device simulation (TCAD) by providing accurate one- and two-dimensional numerical device models based on the solution of Poisson's equation and the electron and hole current-continuity equations.
+ The simulator itself runs in background while you continue playing with this app or another.
+ Some complex device models are multi-threaded to take advantage of today's multi-core processors. Schematics with many BSIM3 or BSIM4 transistors run on four cores in less than half the time needed on one core.
+ MOS models: MOS1-3 MOS6 MOS9 BSIM1 BSIM2 BSIM3 (all up to 3.3.0) BSIM4 (all up to 4.7.0) BSIMSOI (3.3 and 4.4) SOI3 HiSIM.
+ Safe operating area (SOA) checks are available for resistors capacitors diodes BJTs and BSIM MOS.

== Compatibility ==
Tablets and phones from approx. 3.7" upwards.
ICS (Android 4.0.3) or later.
SD-card or emulated equivalent storage.

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Upgraded to NGSPICE 29 and added keyboard shortcuts

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