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Use the letters to your advantage don't make an abhorrence word. You can use up to seven letters in this word game. So a word like 'cornbread' will be too long but a word like 'cottage' fits perfectly. So if you love to play a multiplayer word game with millions of other players. Download WordOn Multiplayer word game today

You go heads-up against other random players or start playing words with friends to beat them. Don't make the assumption you are better than they are. This game is like the old word board games found on your attic. If you were the annual spelling champion this game is the perfect asset for you. Do you love word puzzles? WordOn is a pleasantly addictive word game to take with you wherever you are.
Enjoy in small bursts or take your time to find the best possible words in this word game. Dyslexic? No problem this game helps out you and you'll start learning new words as well as classic words while having fun at the same time!

The unique twist is found in having to give away one or two letters for your opponents to use.
Will they be able to use them and get a bonus or did you just strategically win the word game..? Look for the right words and connect the letters in WordOn.

• PLAY immediately after installation to see what it's all about
• CONNECT with players of similar skill or enjoy with your friends
• WIN coins and stars to unlock special features
• TOURNAMENT matches offer new play modes and special prizes
• CHAT with friends and brag about your rewards
• IMPROVE after seeing statistics after every game to show your progress
• CONTINUE your games on your phone and tablet

And if you win look for a flagpole to celebrate your win! Even for dyslexic people this is the fun word game to look for as using the in-game tools and tips will help you out a lot.

More about WordOn:
https://www.wordonhd.com • https://facebook.com/WordOnHD • https://twitter.com/WordOnHD

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WordOn / What's New in v2.4.6

This latest update introduces some much requested features:

• Ability to gift stars to another player via their profile
• Being able to disconnect your Facebook account from your WordOn profile
• Updated word lists and various fixes to enhance game play

Feel free to contact us using the in-game feedback form as we couldn't have done this without you.

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