Skeleton Premium 16 (Org.)2.1.27

Skeleton Premium 16 (Org.) v2.1.27

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Skeleton Premium 16 (Org.) 2.1.27
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*** This is the 2016 version of Skeleton Premium. It is exclusively for institutions that purchased a perpetual license to this product and for promotional purposes.
*** There are two ways to access the content in this app: Enter the unique username and password you were provided OR access the app from within your institution (make sure you're connected to the right wifi network).
*** Usernames and passwords are not sold separately through Visible Body or available for purchase within this app.
*** If you have not been given a username and password or if your institution has not subscribed this app will be locked and unusable.
*** There is a version of this app that does not require a username and password or subscription. To find and download it search for Skeleton Premium by Visible Body.

***** Take a deep dive into the human skeletal system. Skeleton Premium includes:
- Models of hundreds of bones and ligaments including over 800 bony landmarks.
- Moving models of synovial joints.
- Animations and illustrations that explain anatomy and pathologies.
- Models animations and illustrations about bone tissue
- Hundreds of quiz questions.

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