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The Civil Engineering / Description

This application provides Civil Engineering tools and information on your fingertips..!!

Contents :

A) Civil Engineering Calculations
1.Cantilever beam stiffness calculator
2. Colebrook white equation calculator.
3. Concrete Blocks for wall calculator.
4. Paint quantity estimation.
5. Plastering cement and sand calculator.
6. Cement sand and coarse aggregates calculator for concrete.
7. Bricks cement and sand calculator for brickwork.
8. Number of floor tiles calculator.
9. Trapezoid footing concrete calculator.

B) Steel Member Dimensions
1. European steel member dimensions

C) Construction Calculator

D) Units converter

E) Bend shape codes as per BS 8666:2005 : Calculation of total length of rebar for given shape code.

F) Civil engineering checklists
1. RCC formwork checklist
2. RCC Reinforcement Checklist
3. Pre Concreting Checklist
4. Grading plan checklist.
5. Paving plan checklist.
6. Drainage area map checklist.
7. Detention pond design and calculations checklist
8. Storm water plan checklist.
9. Plastering checklist.
10. Plain cement concrete checklist
11. Excavation Checklist
12. Bhoomi pooja checklist
13. Masonry brick work checklist.
14. Tiling checklist.
15. Wall painting checklist.
16. Granite / Marble laying checklist.
17. Side walk plan checklist.
18. Street light and street sign plan checklist.
19. Sanitary sewer plan checklist.
20. Weld inspection checklist.
21. Application installation and operation of arc welding and cutting equipment checklist.
22. Welding safety checklist.
23. Welding acetylene generators checklist.
24. Installation and operation of resistance welding equipment checklist.
25. Welding fire prevention and protection checklist.
26. Welding protection of personnel checklist.

G) Civil Engineering Standards Lists
1. AASHTO Codes
2. ACI Codes
3. AISC Codes
4. ASCE Standards
5. EN 1991 : Actions on structures
6. EN 1992 : Design of concrete structures
7. EN 1994 : Design of composite steel and concrete structures.
8. EN 1995 : Design of timber structures.
9. EN 1996 : Design of masonry structures
10. EN 1997 : Geotechnical Design
11. EN 1998 : Design of structures for earthquake resistance.
12. EN 1999 : Design of aluminium structures.
13. EN Eurocode Standards
14. Indian Standards : Cement
15. Indian Standards : Concrete
16. Indian Standards : Miscellaneous
17. Indian Standards : Steel
18. ASTM Standards for rebars
19. European standards for rebars

H) Civil Engineering Dictionary.

I) NPTEL Lectures on Civil Engineering.

J) Civil Engineering Symbols Library.

K) Software Shortcuts
1. STAAD Pro shortcuts
2. PDMS Shortcuts
3. Autocad Shortcuts
4. Microstation Shortcuts
5. Excel Shortcuts
6. Word Shortcuts

L) Civil Engineering Quizzes

M) Civil Engineering related videos on youtube.

N) Task Manager

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App updated to solve instant crash in Android Ver. 9 - Pie.

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