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Troppo - Free Music Player v1.2.0

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Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0
Loading... Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0
Loading... Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0
Loading... Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0
Loading... Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0
Loading... Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0
Loading... Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0
Loading... Troppo - Free Music Player 1.2.0

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Troppo is the first party music app that blurs the lines between the songs you have on your device on your friend's devices and what's on the internet. Listen to any song wherever it is. Add it to a playlist or share it with others just like you would a song from your own collection - it's all good. 

Troppo the party music app!

Partying has never got more simpler!

- Connect your Troppo device to the music system
- Give a name and start your party over the Wifi
- Friend's on the same Wifi get notified and can join the party with a simple click
- This dj music app understands the music likes of all guests in the party and will reorder songs added to the play queue automatically to suite the crowd
- Friend's can request songs and even stream their songs from their device to the music system
- Vote songs to see the play queue change live
- It's more than a simple Jukebox app

Discovering cool new music has been a challenge for everyone but no longer.

- You can easily see the top charts from iTunes Spotify and Billboard and with a click of a button add all the songs to the `Now Playing` queue.

- But that's not all. We all know that our friends are the best representatives of the kinds of things we listen to so we built that into the DNA of Troppo. Your friends can not only share specific playlists they build but you can also get automatic recommendations from them based on the songs they like. And if they've got a song that isn't on your device Troppo will stream it right from theirs. If they're not around the party music app is smart enough to look on the internet for it and stream it from there.

- Like a song? Get related songs too ... By artist album and track

With this jukebox app you can also add your friend's music to your own song collection add it to any playlist of your own and in general treat it like your own.

Have you heard your new favorite song recently? Love it even more just by tilting your device sideways and the video of the song starts playing right from the point your audio was playing! How cool is that?! 


* Make your music collection media free. Add songs to your collection with or without mp3

* Your songs are automagically refined and organised into Artists Albums Genres

* Search for any song album or artist from the internet

* Troppo supports playing from both Soundcloud and Youtube. Don't like a Youtube stream set any stream you like

* Troppo is a networked player (upnp/dlna). Listen to any song from any device on the same Wifi

* Host parties with ease and let your friend's contribute to the mood

* Be on track with Top charts and albums

* Discover songs from friends charts ...

* Share songs and playlists with friends via WhatsApp Facebook SMS ...

* Supports Chromecast

* Multi language support

* Gapless playback

* Widget

* Listen to top songs based on moods

* Simplified menu

With a jukebox app like this party music will never be the same again. Download Troppo queue up your favourite songs artists and be the best DJ in town.

We don’t know when we’re going to have to start charging for it so download the Troppo party music app for free right now and have fun. If you love it tell everyone. If you hate it tell us so we can do better.

Critical permissions explanation:

1. Access Location: Providing region specific Top charts and albums. Detecting nearby Parties!
2. Account detail: Simple registration process Troppo uses your registered gmail id as your identifier
3. Read storage: Scanning local storage audio files and tag them as your collection. Playing local media files
4. Read Phone Call State: Pausing music during incoming phone calls. Resuming play after call ends
5. Record Audio: his permission is required only for audio visualizer to work. The app does not record anything. Feel free to deny access if you don't need audio visualizer

Credits: Youtube Last.fm iTunes Soundcloud MusicBrainz freedb

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Troppo - Free Music Player / What's New in v1.2.0

* Refreshing new simplified UI
* Multi language support - English, Spanish, others (auto-translated)
* Bluetooth controls support
* Chromecast + Widget fixes
* Listen to top songs based on moods, top charts, albums, genre & more

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