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Energy is part of the stones as much as of ourselves with energy stones you will know in an easy and free way this wonderful world of gemotherapy.
Each stone quartz metal crystal or gem has some property or quality that distinguishes them and with that energy of that quality or property can help us in our daily life whether professional love spiritual prosperity or health.
Gems have always been a mysterious gift from nature. Its formation streaks and vivid colors are unique. The Egyptians were passionate about the stones they carved them by hand and turned them into beautiful jewels which then looked like men and women. They were aware of the beneficial properties of stones the influence of their energy on our state of mind and the powers they give us. They valued them both for their natural beauty and for the protection they offered them using them as an amulet.
If you love the world of gemotherapy or just have curiosity do not doubt energy stones is your application totally free.

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