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There are so many minerals - perhaps partly for this reason they are so interesting to collect. On this page you will find a description of the experiments that can be carried out without special equipment and thus significantly narrow the search area as well as a description of the most common minerals that can be compared with the results of the experiments performed.

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Translated from the medieval Latin minera means ore. A mineral is a chemically and physically independent solid body that has a relatively homogeneous composition. It arose as a result of physicochemical processes of natural origin in the bowels of the Earth and other planets. It usually refers to a component of a rock meteorite or ore. Most of the well-known stones received their names in antiquity - at a time when the science of mineralogy did not exist yet but people already actively used many types of minerals.
The history of the use of mineral raw materials goes back many centuries: the stone age began long before the bronze and iron. At this time the main economic tools and weapons were made of stone. Yes people still used wood and bone but the century was still called stone and this was not accidental it was he who allowed him to make a necessary leap in development.
Since ancient times people attracted minerals their enchanting beauty and mysterious power do not leave anyone indifferent now. The variety of shapes and colors the splendor of shades created by nature fascinates. Ancient people worshiped precious stones considering them symbols of immortality. And this is not surprising because human generations go into oblivion one after another everything flows and changes only stones remain forever. These things for modern man are not only luxury goods and a great way to invest. They are a source of inspiration for poets and an ornament for women a subject of study for scientists and a working material for jewelers.

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