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IvSign allows the implantation and use of advanced cloud digital signature and the centralization of certificates in the cloud in a simple secure audited and transparent way.

With the IvSign APP you can sign any PDF document from any device with a centralized digital certificate. Digital signature certificates are not installed in the devices to solve problems of incompatibilities and possible losses or thefts.

With IvSign you get the following advantages:

1. 360°: Multi-device System
IvSign is the usable digital signature. It can be used on any device (smartphone tablet or smart tv) anywhere and anytime in the same applications as the certificates installed in Microsoft Windows.

2. Ease of use
With IvSign you no longer need to have the certificate installed on your device. Thanks to the centralization of all your digital signatures in the cloud you can avoid incompatibilities with applications such as Java or ActiveX and you can sign any document in a simple way.

3. Safe: SSL and Hardware Security Module
With IvSign all communications are encrypted (SSL) and it allows you to store the private key of the certificate on a secure remote device. Even if you lose or forget your smartphone digital certificates are kept safe.

4. Control: Audit all your signed documents
The IvSign web platform provides a complete record of every transaction to enable auditing and monitoring of all signed documents. On the IvSign website you can also delegate certificate management without compromising security by assigning roles so that enable other users to sign on your behalf.

Moreover by free download of an add-in from the Office Store this platform allows secure signing in Word from any device.

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