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Parallel Accounts 2.2.18
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Operating as a virtual OS on your mobile phone Parallel Accounts allows you to run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously on a single phone with just a tap to switch between the apps. It also helps hide apps for better privacy.

Log in to multiple accounts:
•  Dual sim phone with a single Social Media account? Not anymore. Just install the app in your parallel account and treat yourself with a second virtual account.
• Strike a balance between personal and professional life easily.
• Tired of fighting your wars on your own? Join your own clan with your parallel account. Enhance online gaming experience with multiple accounts and feel the multiplied fun.
• Almost all apps are supported for a parallel account and each account works independent of the other.

Hide personal apps:
• Parallel Accounts helps block your apps from prying eyes. Just uninstall the app from your phone after cloning it into your parallel account and create a parallel space for yourself.

•  Optimised for battery and RAM performance
•  Well-built stylish interface a friendly and easy-to-use experience
•  Tired of Dual Apps Dual Messaging Dual complications? Meet Parallel Accounts- one app that lets you clone all other apps with maximum ease.

•  Permissions : Parallel Accounts does not require permission to run itself but for the apps added in it. For instance if it is not permitted to read your phone storage you will not be able to share media contents with your friends through your parallel account.
•  Privacy : Parallel Accounts does not interfere with personal data of your account. Rather it creates an isolated parallel space for every app it runs.
•  Consumption : No additional memory battery and data is taken up by Parallel Accounts for itself but for the apps running inside.
•  Conflict : For apps which require a phone number to sign up you should have different numbers in order to create multiple accounts.

Feel free to contact us anytime on our email [email protected]

Note: We do not alter/modify/decompile the code of parallel apps in any way. Also We do not promote or automate any app/functionality. We will not be liable for any violations of policies of cloned apps. For more info read our privacy policy

Privacy Policy - http://imatechinnovations.com/tnc/privacy_policy_en.html

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