MyObservatory (我的天文台)4.14.1

MyObservatory (我的天文台) v4.14.1

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MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1
Loading... MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1
Loading... MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1
Loading... MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1
Loading... MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1
Loading... MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1
Loading... MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1
Loading... MyObservatory (我的天文台) 4.14.1

MyObservatory (我的天文台) / Description

The MyObservatory is a highly popular weather app providing personalized weather services. The app provides current weather including temperature relative humidity rainfall wind direction and speed as well as weather photograph collected from nearby weather stations at user's location specified location or selected weather stations. Weather photos and rainfall data will be updated at 5-minute and 15-minute intervals respectively. Other data will be updated in 10-minute interval and the update time will be displayed at the bottom of the front page.

Points to note:

1. In the "My Location Settings" users can opt for using the automatic location service provided by the smartphone or designating "My Location" on the map themselves. This location will be displayed on the main page and in "My Weather Report". If your location cannot be found "My Location" will show the last location which was successfully found or "Hong Kong Observatory". The meteorological data displayed on "My Location" or the station you added is provided by meteorological stations nearby and is not necessarily from a station in the same region. In case meteorological data is not available from nearby stations data from other meteorological stations at headquarter of the Observatory King's Park and Star Ferry will be used instead. If this is the case the symbol ▲ will appear to the left of the updated time.

2. The location displayed in the function of "My Weather Report" is provided by third party provider.

3. Depending on factors such as network usage and quality of user's mobile phone connection it generally takes 5 to 15 minuntes for the app to receive the weather warning and Special Weather Tips after they are issued by the Hong Kong Observatory.

4. Although the MyObservatory is a free app user will be charged by their mobile network service provider on the use of data service. These charges can become very expensive on roaming. Please ensure that the option of Data Roaming have been disabled in the settings of your mobile devices. Meanwhile the app requires user’s authorization on: full network access view network connections view Wi-Fi connections to download weather data over the Internet.

5. Owing to the difference in topography and altitude between the weather station and user's location and also the error in the estimated position given by the mobile device users should note that weather information displayed on the app may be different from actual conditions in using the "MyObservatory".

6. The clock on the main page of the app is synchronized automatically to the Observatory's Internet Time Server and may not be the same as the time displayed on the smartphone.

7. Use of location-based rain forecast notification will increase the battery usage and data download.

8. To allow user to get hold to important weather information such as weather warning Special Weather Tips location-based rain forecast etc. the MyObservatory would automatically notify users the above information according to user’s settings. This feature requires user’s authorization on run at startup.

9. The app provides link for users to browse the Observatory's Facebook Page. Users may choose to log in his/her own Facebook account. More features of Facebook can be used after logging in. Please be reminded to pay attention to the notes of the Facebook Page and the privacy policies of the Facebook platform.

10. When isolated thunderstorms affect the territory and the Observatory issues a thunderstorm warning that mentions the affected regions the thunderstorm warning icon on the main page of the app will be marked with a red dot. Upon clicking the icon a map will be displayed to enable easy viewing of the regions affected by the thunderstorm warning.

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MyObservatory (我的天文台) / What's New in v4.14.1

- Update link of Weather Website for Greater Bay Area;
- Optimize the app and fix bugs.

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