Damsels and Dungeons1.13 (18+) (Mod)

Damsels and Dungeons v1.13 (18+) (Mod)

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In Damsels and Dragons you play a man who is managing a group of female adventurers -- 4 at first, but more as time goes on -- forming parties, sending them on adventures, getting them magic items, etc.
Over time you will gain the affection of your adventurers, learn to cast spells, and engage in acts of lust and perversion

Damsels and Dungeons / What's New in v1.13 (18+) (Mod)

- MOD Features:
Ported to Android
its a ported pc games, which might not compatible for some devices..

This one is short, because 1.13 is mostly new content and each entry covers a fair amount of stuff. Bugs were mostly handled in 1.12.1.
New Content:
Hilda is now a scripted character, with several unique events related to her, including one which involves an interaction with Amora. If you recruited a valkyrie in 1.12 or later, it should already be named Hilda and will have all the scripted options available.
Khoraja, the sorceress, is now a scripted character, with a few unique events related to her, one of which involves an interaction with Felicity. You can recruit her at the Domina Chateau.
Rogues recruited in 1.13 will be a scripted character, “Shamira.” There are no scenes for her yet, but that will be coming in a future release
To have access to these characters, you must not have a character of their class in your roster.

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