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ADB Shellkit v10.0

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ADB Shellkit 10.0
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ADB Shellkit / Description

ADB Shellkit gives you access to the hidden system commands that came with your phone.

- Works on both rooted and non-rooted devices
- Easy way to access and run system commands such as top logcat disk usage rooted commands pretty colors and formatted display
- Save output to numerous sharing options (files mail google drive etc)
- Run your own system commands or select one from my library
- User saved commands across devices with configured shell variables
- A good and growing list of global system commands you can use
- Yes there are ads but you can easily turn them off in settings.

This application is my swiss army knife and testing grounds so you will often see new commands tools etc show up from time to time.

**UPDATE** I've open-sourced this app feel free to submit suggestions feedback or contribute! https://github.com/kwattsorg/adbshellkit

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ADB Shellkit / What's New in v10.0

This release brings the good stuff, including cross-platform support, hiding superuser commands, and a new shell API! Among command added are silent camera pictures, dumping the cellular information, phone state, etc. This will all make sense as new commands are added to the public list. Also, new permissions are added, mainly for the new commands - don't worry, they only run if you run them, runtime permissions that you are in full control of allowing or denying.

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