Redfinger Cloud Phone - Android Emulator App1.5.0.1

Redfinger Cloud Phone - Android Emulator App v1.5.0.1

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Redfinger Cloud Phone - Android Emulator App
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Redfinger Cloud Phone - Android Emulator App / Description

Redfinger offers instant access to full-featured native Android phone pre-rooted system 2 server locations (US+TW).

We have 2 server locations one is US(LA) and the other is TW choose one closer to you.

★ Redfinger Features ★
✓ Light-weighted Android Emulator
Might be the lightest Android emulator (smallest package size) and has the least RAM consumption & no hardware requirements.
✓ Authentic Android OS
Guarantees 100% native Android experience full-featured Android OS emulator with ROOT access and pre-loaded Google Play.
✓ Cloud Gaming - Online 24/7
"Android on a server" ensures that virtual Android phone is always powered ON and has lightning fast internet connection.
✓ Complete Isolation from your phone
What happens on Redfinger stays on Redfinger. It is completely isolated from your own device thus no battery draining no data consumption and no phone resource occupation.

★ Why choose Redfinger Cloud Android Phone? ★
✓ Safe and Secure Reliable and Solid
Redfinger works with absolutely authoritative server-client model which gives no chance to hackers. It also avoids data breaches caused by physical data theft or malware by hosting applications remotely.
✓ Seamless App/Game Compatibility
Redfinger provides you a cloud based Android environment and the ability to install apps directly from Google play which covers almost any apps and games with only rare exceptions.
✓ Parallel or Even Multiple Accounts
With Redfinger Cloud phone you can run parallel apps and games. It allows you to play the same game while logged in from two different accounts. Or even multiple devices simultaneously.
✓ Easy Installation & Setup
Redfinger Android emulator is small-sized and light-weighted. Installation is easy and without any errors. No driver needed. No hardware requirements. Its clutter-free interface is user-friendly.
✓ High Speed Performance
Redfinger Cloud Android boots and runs in seconds cutting the time you spend switching between platforms. No stalls lags and freezes. Fast Internet Connection. Offers superior android gaming experience.

★ How Redfinger Cloud Android Phone Works? ★
Redfinger Cloud Android Smartphone platform is a successful implementation of remote mobile virtualization and virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) technology.
We manage to virtual ARM core and ARM servers allow Redfinger platform to house 100% native Android OS hosted on virtual machines (VMs).
By using Redfinger app you are able to gain instant access to Redfinger's virtual android device which functions just like a physical Android smartphone except the OS data and apps resides and run on a cloud-based virtual mobile instead of a physical device.

You need to register before you can use Redfinger. In order to receive the verification code to complete the registration process make sure that your email is valid and belongs to you. You can also log in Redfinger directly with your Google Account.

Ways to contact Us
Live Chat Inside app or on our official website.
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redfingerapp
Line: redfinger.tw
Website: https://www.cloudemulator.net

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Redfinger Cloud Phone - Android Emulator App / What's New in v1.5.0.1

Thanks for using Redfinger. The update includes stability and performance improvements.
1. Added auto-reboot function, you can schedule reboot task for your cloud phone;
2. Added unusual sign-in notification and sign-in log to secure your redfinger account;
3. Added Reward Ads for VIP users to earn Sapphire daily, which can be used to redeem cloud phone days;
4. Added webcam function for user to scan QR code (needs to update cloud phone firmware later);
5. Fixed other bugs.

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