Holiday Island0.1.8.0 (18+) (Mod)

Holiday Island v0.1.8.0 (18+) (Mod)

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Holiday Island / Specifications

Holiday Island / Description

You, the player (a guy) won a lottery for holidays on a Pacific island. But is not just any island. It is full of beautiful girls.
You can play the game's intro story to learn all about it.​

Holiday Island / What's New in v0.1.8.0 (18+) (Mod)

- Mod:
Ported to Android
its a ported pc games, which might not compatible for some devices..
Install Steps:
Download the desired APK file below and tap on it to install it on your device.

The update from to has 570 new renders, videos and sound files right now!
New features and content
The user interface (UI) gets a new look and a lot of improvements, freeing up a lot of space in the process (this will be ongoing until 0.2.0)
Jennifer's transformation story will be concluded (and it will include an animated happy ending)
Mercedes' quest where you can visit her in her room will be finished
Delizia gets an extended workout weight lifting scene
Delizia gets a quest to help her get strong enough to train weight lifting
Lacey gets an extended pool play scene
Yumiko gets an arrival scene, a new sexting image and a new dream image
Ivy gets all the reception uniform renders
Lacey gets the pool jump in and climb out images
Lacey gets all the reception uniform renders
Delizia gets all the reception uniform renders
Mercedes gets a posing scene
Mercedes gets a nude shower scene
Lacey gets a short even in the hotel corridor
Heather gets two pool distraction events
Brenda gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Delizia gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Desire gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Amy gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
Jennifer gets a beach yoga event and the achievement
The first binocular where you can watch the girls doing beach yoga will be added
Minor improvements and changes
Amy's base character renders are in double resolution and webp format now
Delizia gets two new dream images
Faye gets the walk on the beach scene with option to take a closer look in webp format
Jennifer gets two context realted sexting images and one new dream image
The girls' lust will be auto reduced at night on certain conditions
You can now spike teh girls' drink with a "purple tablet" to reduce lust
All MC shower scenes have been replaced by a function call. "Blue pill" effect is shown now and MC is using the shower of the correct room (new/old player room)
Weight training with Jennifer will reduce endurance and add "smell" effect
Delizia gets girl specific "talk about her" chat lines
Sexting images now support ".jpg" and ".webp" image format
Bug fixes
Scheduling/calendar has been changed to support up to 2 am. Also "change of day" for calendar has been changed to 2 am. This will avoid problems with dates at 1 am
Nightbar "last call" scene was shown with wrong bartender or could result in a crash when you did it on day 1
In certain cicumstances during the Miriam and Mercedes poster scene, the recpetionist overlay image was still shown
There was a possible endless loop when you arrive at the island (it occurs only very rarely)
The other shower scene with Faye should also count to get the shower symbol
There is still abug when Aly is the plane girl and another girl arrives on the island early.

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