Polyphasic Sleep1.3 (Premium)

Polyphasic Sleep v1.3 (Premium)

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Polyphasic Sleep 1.3 (Premium)
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The most valuable resource in the modern world is time a third of which we spend on sleeping. However you can increase your awake time up to 22 hours by sleeping more than once a day at regular intervals. This kind of sleep is called polyphasic sleep.

This app allows you to choose from different polyphasic sleep schedules. After that it will remind you when it's time to go to sleep and of course will wake you up on time.

Sleep schedules you can choose from:
Biphasic — 5-7 hours during the night and 20 minutes during the day (3 variants)
Segmented (2 variants)
Dual-Core Sleep (4 variants)
Triphasic (2 variants)
Everyman — 1.5-3.5 hours during the night and 20 minutes during the day for 3 times (3 variants)
Dymaxion — 30 minutes for 4 times a day (2 variants)
Uberman — 20 minutes for 6 times a day
Tesla — 20 minutes for 4 time a day

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Polyphasic Sleep / What's New in v1.3 (Premium)

- Premium Features Unlocked
credit Alex.Strannik

— Full version users can now create custom sleeping plans
— Fixes and improvements

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