Study Bunny: Focus Timer13.4.0

Study Bunny: Focus Timer v13.4.0

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Study Bunny: Focus Timer 13.4.0
Loading... Study Bunny: Focus Timer 13.4.0
Loading... Study Bunny: Focus Timer 13.4.0
Loading... Study Bunny: Focus Timer 13.4.0
Loading... Study Bunny: Focus Timer 13.4.0
Loading... Study Bunny: Focus Timer 13.4.0

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~ What is Study Bunny?

1. Time your studying. Hit pause for rest or when you can't stay focused for motivational advice!
2. Earn coins. Buy items or music in the store!
3. Be productive. Use optional tools like the To Do list flashcards and the customizable Study Tracker.


~ Does Study Bunny block other apps and notifications?

No Study Bunny does not prevent you from using your phone because many students use their phones to supplement their studying. We follow a self-accountability model and recommend you pause your session when you get distracted. We encourage you to study with your bunny.

~ Is Study Bunny a pomodoro timer?

No it is flexible in that you can choose the length of your study session and pause for emergencies. There are 3 timer modes: countdown stopwatch and break (no coins).

~ Why doesn't my alarm sounds work when I turn my display off?

Alarm sounds do not play when the app is in the background or when the display is off. We encourage you to study with your bunny displayed. However if your app is not displayed you will receive a general phone notification/vibration as long as your phone volume settings are on.

~What do I do if the app crashes/doesn't open?

1. Please wait for the next update. This often fixes the issue unless your operating system is outdated.

2. If not go to: phone settings applications app manager Google Play Services storage clear data & cache

3. Last resort (you will lose data): phone settings applications app manager Study Bunny storage clear data & cache

~ Can the coin rate be increased?

Study Bunny is used by students at all levels - some study a little some a lot. While item prices vary most require long term work. Due to demand we have added an option to double coins after study sessions up to 15 bonus coins per day in addition to the 5 free daily coins.

~ Can we have more music?

Due to file size limitations Study Bunny is not meant to replace one's primary music player. While we may add music over time the music store will not be updated as frequently as the general item store.

~ Can I save my progress and items if I get a new device?

Yes but it is manual. Go to: Shopping Cart > Announcements Page > Settings > Export Data

~ Where do I send my suggestions questions and issues?

Email [email protected] It may take up to one week to receive a response. Please do not solicit us for paid advertising opportunities.

App Sounds:
Analog Watch Alarm Sound by Daniel Simion
Pomodoro Ticking Sound by Kinoton

Trailer Music: Bensound

Music Store:

Forest Rain City Thunder Lapping Waves & Midnight Crickets (Ambient) by R.J. Stefanski
Soundcloud: rjsfoundsounds

Peaceful Universe Mix by Andrew Ambient
Soundcloud: andrewambient

Lo-fi Beats Mix by crwsox
Soundcloud: crwsox

Chill Bop Mix by Artifical.Music
Soundcloud: artificial-music

Electronic Chill Mix by Neutrin05
Soundcloud: neutrin05

Lo-fi Synth Mix by dosbomb.
Soundcloud: dosbomber

Soundcloud: dizarofr

Tropical House Mix by MBB
Soundcloud: mbbofficial

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Study Bunny: Focus Timer / What's New in v13.4.0

- New category: Awards!
- Unlock ribbons, medal necklaces, and trophies the more you study!
- Can be bought with 100 coins or 20 bills!

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