Star Vanisher [DBZ]2.2.0

Star Vanisher [DBZ] v2.2.0

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Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0
Loading... Star Vanisher [DBZ] 2.2.0

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◆◆◆7 million downloads◆◆◆

Blow away the star with your energy beam!!!

Dedicated to Dragon Ball fans!
[Total 6 Million Downloads] Presenting the updated <2016 version> of destroying massive planet game!!!

Ecstatic!! [Just tap for big actions]
Easy to get into! [Easy rules & thoughtful puzzles]

Destroy the planet at the accurate size.
- Tap to shoot the beam!!!
- The planet in the target range is blown away.
- The goal is to destroy the [JUST] range.

The fun part!
The target stars are in so many shapes and move around!
Variety of quests such as [careful observation] to [aim for the moment]!

Play as much as you want.
- Master the skill tree to challenge boss mission!
- Test yourself at the arena! Challenge [the world ranking]!

Articles from review sites
- Groovy BGM and exciting effects are just awesome! This game makes you feel like you are ruling the universe.
- BGM and SE and animations are very well made and make you feel refreshing!
- Aiming for the timing and effects like battle animations are very cool.

Dedicated to Dragon Ball fans! (o`Д´)r━━━━━☆


World Ranking Challenge!

- Acquire high ranking admission ticket by achieving high score.
- All seven kinds of authorized ranks! Aim for the legendary phoenix rank!
- The authorized ranks you’ve acquired can be shared to LINE Twitter or Facebook from the application!

Challenge Events!

- Master all events!
- Push notification for limited event news!

Deliberative and Exciting action!

- Recommended for shogi chess Igo mah-jongg Reversi go fish blackjack and other board games!
- Recommended for the fans of real games like casino horse race stock market!

Recommended for Those

- Who are sick of boring and stupid stick person games.
- Who are horrible at difficult puzzles and escape the room games.
- Who failed crosswords and minesweeper.
- Who aren’t good at online games.
- Who love manga and animation and have a lot of imaginations.
- Who are looking for funny topic to talk about for chat or fortunetelling.
- Who aren’t satisfied by horror movies or soap operas.
- Girls who love stickers and discount coupons.
- Who likes to share interesting screenshots of games and pictures from smartphone cameras.
- Who aren’t satisfied by photo hunt or card games.

Easy to Play

- While waiting for taxi at the restaurant or karaoke.
- On the trains buses airplanes and transit when travelling.
- While enjoying snacks desserts or any food.
- To refresh from driving a car for sightseeing with a map or getting tired from car navigation.

Other Features

- Easy and simple. Fun way to kill time!
- Your favorite music can be set as BGM to play the game!
- Ideal for events like Halloween and Christmas!
- Mental training for kids who likes cute cats and picture books!
- Enjoyable for lovers and as a party game for birthdays and New Year!
- Good for New Year card and business talk topic when exchanging business cards!
- Presents happy recopies for all users!



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