Jira Cloud by Atlassian41.0.390 (41000390)

Jira Cloud by Atlassian v41.0.390 (41000390)

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Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)
Loading... Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)
Loading... Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)
Loading... Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)
Loading... Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)
Loading... Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)
Loading... Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)
Loading... Jira Cloud by Atlassian 41.0.390 (41000390)

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ORGANIZE EVERYTHING: Track tasks fix bugs & answer requests. Perfect for software project or service teams.

BUILD YOUR APP ON AGILE SOFTWARE: Centralise end to end mobile development. Use Jira as a single source of truth. Anything from build app testing app fixes app qa debug on beta console deployment and publish app to app store. Connect app devops tools like git firebase github hockeyapp gitlab & bitbucket. Try 1000+ add-ons for developers testers designers.

VERSATILE PLANNER: Design your business workflows. Capture tasks services asset or any data inputs. Log work items client requirements stakeholder needs. Enter chargeable time or costs. Start simple & scale up into agile scrum or agile kanban to streamline process. Visit web version for customization options.

AWESOME PROJECT MANAGEMENT APP: Track any software service business procurement finance HR legal qa tester processes. Configure fields and workflows then see custom tracking within the app. Invite team members assign work collaborate get notified.

DITCH SPREADSHEETS GET RID OF EMAILS: Merge planners organizer manager tools into one. Jira app is a central place for visibility of business process start to finish.


1. SIGN UP -- Get a new account for FREE or login using existing Atlassian Cloud or Google account.

2. CREATE A PROJECT -- Start from scratch or use agile templates like kanban or scrum.

3. INVITE THE TEAM -- Manage software business service members. Get software developers testers qa engineers managers joining. Change user permissions on web.

4. CUSTOMIZE WORKFLOW -- Modify columns to track process steps. Configure settings further on computer. Put categories due dates time fields number fields textboxes to structure process tracking.

5. CREATE & UPDATE WORK -- Collect business or project needs. Log tasks. Edit data. Sort search assign to people. Groom backlog. Prioritize software product developer qa testing fix debug work based on importance.

5. CHAT AND COLLABORATE -- Add comments mention people find items using robust filters & search. Receive push notifications on new updates.

6. UNLOCK MORE FEATURES IN WEB -- Visit atlassian.com on laptop. Get roadmaps custom settings plus add-ons.

Team manager & organizer: Invite project leads product engineers mobile development beta testers testing for app development. Prioritise app development tasks debug to find bugs service requests. Improve time to value.

Manage software improve app quality & fix instantly: Streamline app testing. Prioritise app fixes raised by beta testers qa testing app crash reporting app debug processes. Do everything from testing debug beta app qa testers find bugs after testing within one app. Improve app quality apply app fixes instantly.

Build apps using top devops tool: Move app development closer to mobile development + qa testing. Debug deploy fix instantly deploy beta app builds publish app faster. Software management app testers coordination all in one tool. Fix instantlyby applying app fixes & centralize publish app tasks. App crash reporting done faster.

Leading devops mobile beta tester & mobile app deployment integrations. Git firebase hockeyapp bitbucket gitlab github setups in www.jira.com.

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Jira Cloud by Atlassian / What's New in v41.0.390 (41000390)

• Switch between board, backlog and roadmap with the speed of light using the new tabs at the top of each project.

• Push notifications are enhanced, so you’ll only receive high-priority ones when your device is in low power mode.

• Browse through all projects under your list of recently-viewed projects.

• Some people were having problems editing an issue’s description field. That’s fixed.

• Development info within issues has arrived. Giddyup.

• Signing-in via Google just got smoother.

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