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Memory Assistant 1.7.7
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By practicing memory techniques you can increase recollection creativity focus and thinking speed. It might also slow the loss of memory due to aging.

Memory Assistant can be both your teacher and your assistant in your journey of getting a memory comparable to an elephant’s.

Use Memory Assistant to boost your brain's power use free time productively and replace negative thoughts.

What Memory Assistant offers:

MIND PALACES: Memory Assistant not only teaches you how to build mind palaces but also teaches you how to use them.

PRACTICE AND CHECK: You can practice and improve your memory using this app. Then you can check if you can recall everything correctly using the compare feature.

SMART COMPARE: Memory Assistant has a complex algorithm that can tell whether entered a wrong value missed a value or made a spelling mistake. Other apps don't take such human errors into consideration.

INTEGRATED ACTIVITIES: You no longer have to switch between apps or pages when you are learning something new. Everything is just a swipe away.

REAL LIFE APPLICATIONS: Using memory techniques you can ace in quizzes school college job competitive exams etc. The app has resources that you might need.

SAVE YOUR STUFF: You can save everything that you have to memorize and use it whenever you want to.

FOR ATHLETES: Practice in multiple disciplines and become a champion in memory sports.

THEMES: Choose from multiple themes. Use a dark theme at night to ensure that you don't lose your sleep.

MODULAR YET SIMPLE: The user interface is self-explanatory and almost everything can be customized.

OPEN SOURCE: If there is anything you want to change in the app you are encouraged to get your hands dirty and modify the source code which is stored at https://github.com/maniksejwal/Memory-Assistant

BETA: Translated into 19 different languages

This is NOT a game

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