Android Apps Pack Daily21-06-2020

Android Apps Pack Daily v21-06-2020

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Android Apps Pack List (21-06-2020 Sunday):

Mango Languages: Personalized Language Learning v5.14.2 (Premium) (SAP) (All in One)
Mango Languages: Personalized Language Learning v5.14.2 (Premium) (SAP) (Armeabi-v7a)
Hibernator - Hibernate apps & Save battery v2.17.0 b4712 (Premium)
KillApps : Close all apps running v1.19.0 b406 (Premium)
CRISPY DARK - ICON PACK v2.9.9.9 (Patched)
Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards v4.44.1 (Premium)
Hermit • Lite Apps Browser v16.0.4 (Premium) (Modded)
apk-signer v5.6.0 (Pro) (Modded)
Lenyo Icons v5.8 (Patched)
Ango - Icon Pack v5.0 (Patched)
CRISPY - ICON PACK v2.9.9.9 (Patched)
MaterialPods (AirPod battery app ) v3.69 (Pro)
CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDF v5.20.4.20200617 (Full) (Arm)
Translucent Substratum Theme v4.24 (Patched)
BBC Wildlife Magazine - Animal News, Facts & Photo v6.2.4 (Premium) (SAP)
Wikids: Talking Encyclopedia For Curious Kids v2.50 (Premium)
BBC World Histories Magazine - Historical Events v6.2.4 (Premium) (SAP)
Smart Launcher 5 v5.4 b040 (Pro) (Lite)
Moxy Icons v7.2 (Patched) (Mod)
Visual Anatomy 2 v3.2 (Paid)
Gladient Icons v3.3 (Patched) (Mod)
UX Led - Icon Pack v3.0.9 (Patched)
Safe Security - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner v5.6.9.4834 (Mod)
Aivy - Icon Pack v5.8 (Patched)
Gladient Icons v3.3 (Patched)
PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker v14.9.6 (Gold) (Unlocked)
Bladient Icons v1.6 (Patched)
Moxy Icons v7.2 (Patched)
iClock OS 13- Clock iPhone Xs, Phone 11 v2.6.5 (AdFree)
Yoga Studio: Mind & Body v2.7.1 (Subscribed)
Cartoons & Caricatures Face App v15 (AdFree)
REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set v9.6.0 (Premium)
Jool:Jyphs Icon Pack v1.12 (Patched)
Speccy - Spectrum Analyzer v1.6.0 (Paid) (Arm64)
KillApps : Close all apps running v1.19.0 b403 (Premium)
Hibernator - Hibernate apps & Save battery v2.17.0 b4711 (Premium)
AppShut : Close running apps v1.9.0 (Premium)
Diaro - Diary, Journal, Notes, Mood Tracker v3.50.8 (Pro)
Accupedo+ pedometer - step counter v3.8.4.G (Premium)
ZiniTevi - HD Movies and TV Shows v1.2.2 (Mod)
Battery Meter Overlay v3.7.0 (Pro) (Mod)
Logo Esport Maker | Create Gaming Logo Maker v1.7 (AdFree)
Calendar Widget: Month + Agenda v6.13 (Unlocked)
Moviebase: Manage Movies & TV Shows v2.3.6 (Premium) (Mod)
Pixlr – Free Photo Editor v3.4.39 (Premium) Proper
Data Usage Monitor v1.16.1687 (Premium) (Mod)
Ciclo - Icon Pack v57.0 (Patched)
EarthQuake PRO v14.3.0 (Paid)
Lines Square - Neon icon Pack v1.5 (Patched)
Friendly For Twitter v3.2.3 (Premium) (Mod) (AOSP)
Learn Languages with Memrise - Spanish, French v2.94_20991 (Premium) (Mod)
Pixel Net - Neon Icon Pack v1.5 (Patched)
Pixel Net White - Icon Pack v1.7 (Patched)
Tabloid Icon v3.4.1 (Patched)
Radio UK: music, free online radio, internet radio v2.12.23 (AdFree)
Lines Square - White Icon Pack v1.5 (Patched)
English Tenses Big Table v2.3 b51 (Paid)
Clear - Intermittent Fasting & Fasting Tracker v1.28.0 (Plus)
United States Radio: Free FM Radio v2.12.23 (AdFree)
Thumbnail Maker v2.2 (AdFree)
FullReader - all e-book formats reader v4.2.3 b209 (Premium) (Mod) (x86_64)
FullReader - all e-book formats reader v4.2.3 b209 (Premium) (Mod) (x86)
FullReader - all e-book formats reader v4.2.3 b209 (Premium) (Mod) (Arm64-v8a)
FullReader - all e-book formats reader v4.2.3 b209 (Premium) (Mod) (Armeabi-v7a)
Spiffy kwgt v17 (Paid)
QuitNow! PRO - Stop smoking v5.131.2 (Paid) (ARMv7)
LightSpectrumPro EVO v1.3.0 (Paid)
Brazil Radio: Live FM Radio v2.12.23 (AdFree)
Beat.ly - Music Video Maker with Effects v1.7.10058 (VIP Unlocked)
YAZIO Calorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan v6.8.15 (Pro) (Mod) (SAP)
Ultra GPS Logger v3.160n (Patched)
adidas Training by Runtastic - Workout Fitness App v4.18 (Premium) (Mod) (SAP)
Sleepzy: Sleep Cycle Tracker & Alarm Clock v3.14.0 (Subscribed) (Mod) (SAP)
The Wall Street Journal: Business & Market News v4.18.0.3 (Subscribed)
Weather Live v6.34.0 (Premium) (Mod) (SAP)
Simple Social v9.8.9 (Pro) (Mod)
Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds v11.0 (Premium) (Mod) (AOSP) (SAP)
Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & call record v11.12.8 (Pro) (Mod) (SAP)
Burn Calories - Weight Loss v4.7.0 (Unlocked)
Over: Add Text to Photos & Graphic Design Maker v5.2.1 (Pro) (Mod) (SAP)
Arms Workout – 4 Week Program v4.7.1 (Unlocked)
Pikashow v10.0.9 (Mod)
The New York Times v9.13 (Subscribed)
ZiniTevi - HD Movies and TV Shows v1.2.2 (Ad-Free)
Butt workout - 4 week program v4.7.0 (Unlocked)
Speak and Translate Voice Translator & Interpreter v3.7.6 (Pro)
Intro Maker, Promo Video Maker, Ad Creator v39.0 (Pro)
Translate voice - Translator v287 (Pro)
Toeic Reading Vocabulary v19.06.25 (Pro)
Rotation - Orientation Manager v17.0.2 (Unlocked)
Days Counter v2.4.3 (Premium)
MuseLead Synthesizer v2.2 (Paid) (SAP)
Fitvate - Home & Gym Workout Trainer Fitness Plans v6.8 (Mod)
DecoDiary - Timeline Diary v1.8.0 (Premium)
The Economist Espresso. Daily News v1.9.1 (Subscribed)
Graphing calculator plus 84 graph emulator free 83 v4.8.4.572 (Premium)
LocalCast for Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Smart TV v28.1.2.8 (Pro)
Nimbus Note - Useful notepad and organizer v6.2.4.eb30585ad.spec (Pro)
Via Browser - Fast & Light - Geek Best Choice v4.0.2 (Mod)
Strelok+ v4.6.7 (Paid)
Graphionica Photo & Video Collages: sticker & text v1.5.5 (Premium)

Password to unpack:a2zapk.com

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