Survival 2017 - Savage 21.8.0

Survival 2017 - Savage 2 v1.8.0

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Survival 2017 - Savage 2 / Specifications

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Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0
Survival 2017 - Savage 2 1.8.0

Survival 2017 - Savage 2 / Description

Hey survivor! Get to the coast quickly—they're after us!"
From the creators of Survival Island 2016: Savage and Survival Island Online comes a continuation of the most captivating game of 2016!

Along with the standard features such as resource collection learning to craft items island exploration and fighting off wild animals we've added several unique ones that set us apart from other survival games.

Craft and collect items
Try out the new evolve crafting system! Create items instantly without the wait.

Choose 1st or 3rd person view
Switch between cameras any time and watch your character from behind them or see the island through their eyes. Play however you choose!

Enjoy more than 10 different types of weather
The weather on the island changes just like in real life with fog clouds and all kinds of precipitation.

Master the secret magic of the ancestors on the island
There are mysterious altars hidden all over the island find them all and you will gain incredible powers which will help you beat the toughest bosses!

Explore the wilderness of the island
The animals are so lifelike they even sleep eat and fight. We're sure you'll love being an explorer on the island.

Fight for survival around the clock
Time never stands still and each new morning afternoon evening and night brings unique new challenges!

Battle bosses and mythical creatures
Unique bosses to fight when you are ready! And of course rewards for their defeat!

Find treasure in mysterious ruins
When you find this mysterious location explore every nook and cranny of it; vast riches could be waiting there!

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Survival 2017 - Savage 2 / What's New in v1.8.0

UPDATE 1.8.0!
+ Optimization and crush fixed.
New game difficulty settings added: Hardcore (things are lost after you died) and Beginner (things are not lost after the death).
+ “New year” event is over, but gifts and Christmas merchandise will remain on the island.
+ Players now receive 10 coins for each ad banner.
+ Bugs fixed.
+ The game works faster on slower devices.
Thanks all for support!

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