ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める2.0.1

ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める v2.0.1

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ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める 2.0.1
Loading... ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める 2.0.1
Loading... ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める 2.0.1
Loading... ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める 2.0.1
Loading... ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める 2.0.1

ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める / Description


 【検索機能】 話題のニュースや過去のニュースをキーワードで深掘り!
 【フォロー機能】 気になるキーワードやメディアを選んで最新情報をチェック!
 【急上昇ワード機能】 いま世の中で話題になっている注目キーワードをお知らせ!



If only this is okay! Decision version of news app!
Check out the topic of news with simple operation!
Baseball and soccer sports news too
Weather earthquake and pollen breaking news
Gossip and entertainment · entertainment information
With domestic economic and IT fulfilling news categories
Read the necessary news for yourselves!

◆ Features of News Pass
· Even when there is no time do not miss "the latest news you want to know" or "serious news to know" on the top page.
· Three useful functions when you want to know news deeper
【Search function】 Deep digging by topic news and past news with keywords!
【Follow Function】 Select the keywords and media you care about and check the latest information!
【Trending Suddenly Word Function】 Notice keywords that are becoming a topic in the world right now!
· We will deliver important information securely with recommendation article notification and news bulletin function four times a day.
· Check your local news at once by "Region" tab function!

◆ Media that can be read by News Pass
In the news pass you can read the popular news on newspapers magazines television and the Internet all together.

◆ News pass recommended for this
· Those who do not have time but do not want to miss the news
· A person who wants to collect information easily during commuting / school instead of newspaper
· Person who wants to firmly keep up with topics in the world
· Those who want to know about news of topics of which you are interested
· Those looking for killing time

◆ 【Adult strength test】 Special feature in progress!
How do you answer when you are like this? Classic news app that will give you [Adult strength]!
A man who cut his hair and went to work. It was hoarse by a junior woman. How would you answer? 【Adult strength test】

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ニュースパス かんたん操作で無料ニュースがすぐ読める / What's New in v2.0.1


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