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Hong Kong Dagong Wenhui Media Group was established in January 2016. It has newspapers such as "Ta Kung Pao" Hong Kong "Wen Wei Po" "Aberdeen" and other newspapers as well as the official website of Dagong Wenhui Group Dagong.com Hong Kong Wenhui.com and covering mobile terminals and social media. The multiple new media platforms of the media are all-media media groups that love the country and Hong Kong.

   "Ta Kung Pao" was founded in Tianjin on June 17 1902 and is the oldest Chinese newspaper in existence. The interpretation of registration is "forgetting oneself is great selfless is public". Ta Kung Pao has cultivated many talents for Chinese journalism and culture and played an important role in promoting the progress of Chinese history. There is a saying in the field of Chinese journalism history that "one journalism history is half in the Dagong". "Ta Kung Pao" was once awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Journalism" by the School of Journalism of the University of Missouri in the United States and is the only Chinese-language media that has received this award so far. "Wen Wei Po" was first published in Shanghai in 1938 and resumed in Hong Kong on September 9 1948. It is based on the purpose of "Wen Wei Po" is the main purpose for Hong Kong people to understand the policies of the central government and the situation in the Mainland. channel. The two newspapers have always been with the motherland walking with Hong Kong facing Chinese people around the world delivering Chinese voices reporting Hong Kong news promoting Chinese culture and advocating for the successful practice of "One Country Two Systems" in Hong Kong.

  The group is based in Hong Kong backed by the motherland and insists on dislocation development and integrated development. The news gathering and distribution network covers Hong Kong the Mainland and overseas. The group is headquartered in Hong Kong with press centers covering North East South Central Northeast Northwest and Southwest China in Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen Zhengzhou Harbin Xi'an and Kunming; in the United States Britain Canada and France Russia South Africa Malaysia Indonesia the Philippines South Korea Australia and other countries and regions have set up reporter stations or published overseas editions with readers spread across five continents.

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