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ゴエティアクロス 3.5.2
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■ ストーリー
そこは、神に滅びを定められた世界。 あなたは魔導師として堕天使たちとともに、天からの遣い「天魔」と戦う運命にある。 物語は読み進めると4つの枝<ルート>に分かれ、それぞれの物語を紡ぐ。 この4つの枝<ルート>の中に神に抗う術を見出せるものはあるのだろうか――

■ ワールド

■ キャラクター
『ゴエティアクロス』ではキャラクターの一部に、Live2D®の実装に加え、 ボイスを追加!

配置とキャラクターの育成が鍵となる総勢12名のバトルデッキで戦闘開始!  キャラクターの武器種によって戦略性を発揮するバトルを体感せよ。


What is Goetia Cross
"Goetia Cross" is a story of a sorcerer who stood up to save the world set in a devastated world lost by the battle with God.
Enjoy multiplayer battles with unique characters that use voice and Live2D®.

■ Story
There is a world where God has determined the destruction. As a mage you are destined to fight with the fallen angels "Ama" a message from heaven. As the story is read it is divided into four branches and each story is spun. Is it possible to find a way to resist God among these four branches?

■ World
As the story progresses symbols will be added to the map. As a mage you can freely travel around the world and challenge quests that occur in various places!

■ Character
In addition to Live2D® implementation voice has been added to some of the characters in "Goetia Cross"!
Let's meet the characters who move around the screen.

■Battle system
Battle begins with a battle deck of 12 players where placement and character development are key! Experience a battle that demonstrates strategy based on the character's weapon type.
In a raid battle collaborate with other players to challenge strong opponents! ‥
In addition we plan to hold an evolved interpersonal battle "Magic War" where the true ability of the players is tested. With all your strength let's have a hot battle with the guardian who possesses the power of other players.

■Game system (various training elements)
Character development is up to you!
You can freely change skills and learn skills and if you give a gift to a character you will get a lot of affection and many training elements are prepared.
 Train your strongest character with a deep training system!

■ Bazaar system
At the bazaar you can freely buy and sell items with other players. Let's take advantage of the bazaar to promote the character development!

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