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だんじょんあどべんちゃーさん【ローグライクRPG】 1.09
Loading... だんじょんあどべんちゃーさん【ローグライクRPG】 1.09
Loading... だんじょんあどべんちゃーさん【ローグライクRPG】 1.09
Loading... だんじょんあどべんちゃーさん【ローグライクRPG】 1.09
Loading... だんじょんあどべんちゃーさん【ローグライクRPG】 1.09
Loading... だんじょんあどべんちゃーさん【ローグライクRPG】 1.09

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I like games that allow me to change jobs to various occupations! I like to think about skill composition of characters! I like to starve on an empty stomach without getting food! I like trapping in front of the enemy! I like to lose all the equipment that I have grown up by being defeated by the enemy! I like being desperate for one turn of mistakes!

It's a game to send to you!

What kind of game?
・It is a so-called roguelike game that dives into the automatically generated dungeon.

It looks like the third one but where is the second one?
・Distribution of the second work is currently stopped but there is no particular story so you can fully enjoy it even if you have not played the previous work

Can save data be inherited from the first and second works?
-The data structure of this work has changed from the previous work so it cannot be transferred.

・We have prepared from simple dungeons to difficult dungeons.

Is there a tutorial?
・In the first dungeon we will briefly explain the operation.

Is the level initialized?
・Return to level 1 each time you exit the dungeon

What is your favorite factor?
・There are item guides monster guides monster tamers etc.

There seems to be a charge but...
・You can enjoy this game more such as things that are not directly related to dungeon search such as increase of occupational experience value gain and warehouse upper limit and additional occupations and you can fully enjoy it without charge!

What is your recommended occupation?
・Because the system of knights who can change jobs from warriors is high in defense and difficult to die while you can not change those who are confident in arms are recommended to be merchants etc.

・I would be happy if everyone who downloaded it could enjoy it.
Have a good dungeon life!

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