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Home massage has become increasingly popular over the past five years. Why? Having a massage in the comfort of your own home hotel room or scheduling a massage has numerous benefits.

- There’s no need to leave home when you need a massage. Avoid the traffic waiting rooms and stress associated with going to the spa. Schedule your massage when you want it without factoring in extra time for travel and waiting rooms.

- Instead of driving home and interrupting your relaxation you can sit back in the comforts of your own home after your massage. An in home massage allows you to prolong your relaxation benefits. You can schedule your massage at the end of the day and retire for the evening or take a nice bath after your massage.

- In order to experience deeper relaxation you must withdraw yourself from the external environment. Often when you travel to another location to receive a massage your senses are on high alert due to the new space. When you receive a massage in the comforts of your own home you are able to relax quicker and get the most out of your massage.

- At spas massage therapists can have as many as 7 clients per day. Usually they have about 15 minutes in between clients to change the sheets and get ready for the next client. Generally the massages they give decrease in quality as the day goes on. Traveling massage therapists have to factor in travel times between appointments so generally they give fewer massages in a day and have plenty of time in between clients so you receive the highest quality massage.

- In-home massage therapists naturally have more insight into your personal needs for their services from seeing your surroundings and home atmosphere . You are interacting directly with the massage therapist that will be giving you the massage instead of a receptionist at the spa. Through this interaction the massage therapist can learn about your personal preferences to give you the best possible massage.

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