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Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9
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Loading... Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9
Loading... Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9
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Loading... Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9
Loading... Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9
Loading... Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9
Loading... Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9
Loading... Picture Quiz: Cars 1.0.9

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Test your knowledge of cars across a range of categories. Guess the logos for the world's car brands across Europe America Asia Supercars Luxury cars Roadsters and others.

You can also test your knowledge of different racing drivers car enthusiasts and other people related to the car industry or you can guess which movie is just by looking at a picture.

In addition there is of course also the opportunity to guess the name of a lot of beautiful car models that have stood out over time.

Of course there is also the option of just guessing different quizzes.

You get coins for every correct answer. These coins can be used to buy help.

If you need help you can press the light bulb to open the help menu. You can choose to display a letter remove letters in the pool or purchase the answer.

You can get more coins by watching a small video after each answer to get the coins 3x again. You can also choose to get more coins in the help menu by selecting "get coins" at the bottom of the menu and choose to watch a small video and then you will receive free coins. You can also choose the easy solution and buy coins for a modest amount.

This game supports Danish English German Italian Greek Russian Spanish Dutch Portuguese and French.

The quiz is constantly updated with new content.


This game is made for fun and may not reflect locations quite realistically. All similarities with personal - real as well as fictional - and other games are purely coincidental.

All assets in this game are either created by Zen Artist or shared free of charge on websites under the "Creative Commons - CC0 (zero)" license after which they have been edited to a new format used in this game.

Graphics and sound clips are freely used under the rules of CC 0 - Creative commons and have been added to this application in good faith and with the idea that third parties have owned ownership to share these for free under the "Creative Commons - CC0 (zero)" license.

The Developer assumes no responsibility for the authenticity of the third party ownership but in the event of any doubt regarding the use of the individual image and / or audio clip the Developer will replace this with a similarly valid license as soon as possible.

Please note; This application has internal purchases. Zen Artist recommends securing your Play Store account with a password to prevent accidental purchases. Zen Artist assumes no responsibility for accidental purchases.

This game may ask for permission for one or more features on your device. This is due to Google Play Services - Zen Artist collects no user data!

Removing this game may affect your progress collected coins and trophies.

Copyright - This game is distributed on Google Play alone. Any other use of the game's apk file and / or promotional material such as screenshots or video etc. uploaded to third party websites is prohibited.

Downloading this application from a source other than Google Play may result in downloading a malicious code or virus file and changing the game code to the version on Google Play.

Zen Artist assumes no responsibility for damage caused by files downloaded from sources other than Google Play.

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