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What’s side bet?

Side bet is a game within the game. When the game starts there will be a singe card showing example a 10 of diamonds. When the game is over and player 4 has the closest or higher card they win the side bet.

Each player receives 6 cards in the beginning.

Total rounds: 6

***You have to play at least once in the initial 4 rounds to be qualified to play the fifth round.


The Goal is to strategically beat the leaders Suit.

Example: Player 1 has an 8 of Hearts; Player 2 folds because they don’t have a higher suit or they strategically want to save it for a later round. You as Player 3 can drop a 9 of Hearts and become Leader



The leader starts with a card. Other players then take turns to throw down:

2 Options:

1. Pick a card and CLICK FOLD (card facing down)

2. Pick a card and CLICK PLAY (card facing up) that is a similar suit and higher position whoever plays the last card in round successes and leads the following round.



In the fifth round only the leader of the round shows his card. Each qualified player presents a card that is just only visible to himself/herself. At the point when every qualified player has played the winner of the fifth round is chosen and this individual would lead the last round whoever wins the last round successes? You'll see the cards in the fifth and sixth round together with the fifth round cards underneath the sixth round cards.

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Updates for gameplay for en-US here

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