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另外,如果您在使用我们的产品时遇到了问题,您可以直接在应用内点击发送反馈或按照下面的格式发送邮件到[email protected]

1.安卓系统版本,或第三方ROM名称/版本(如Android 5.1 MIUI 6.7.14)。
2.使用何种网络 如(中国联通、中国移动4G)。
GreatFire latest products free Android version sound! He has a book cover lightweight preview integrated audio books and text books three characteristics. You can use it to read and share China's banned anywhere.

We have freedom of sound all content added to the cover and the slicing process whenever you start reading a text or PDF book you do not need to download the entire file but you can start with a very small amount of traffic to preview the contents of 10 and then you can then choose whether to download the full version which effectively enhance the experience under low-speed network.

For lengthy books bookmark function is also essential exit free sound your reading position will be retained it will return to the position that you previously read the next time you open it.

Meanwhile all the audio books can also be a section to download and listen and you can also use other software to read and process have already downloaded content.

Free audio now included PDF and audio book:
"I'm not guilty: Liu Xiaobo Biography" "China's first sin: I have a happy life documentary" in prison "Lawrence of the Scholastic" "June Fourth Poems" "Mao: The Unknown Story" "Who complained to us? "" Detention center Notes "" The future of freedom in Chinese folk "and so on.

We plan to add more content in the future you are welcome to come to us through the application of recommendations and feedback within the mailbox.

In addition if you are having problems using our products you can click directly within the application "Send feedback" or in accordance with the following format to send messages to [email protected]

1. Andrews system version or third-party ROM name / version (such as Android 5.1 MIUI 6.7.14).
2. Use what network such as (China Unicom China Mobile 4G).
3. Detailed description of the situation when the problem occurred.

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