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荟萃浏览器 2.12.3
Loading... 荟萃浏览器 2.12.3
Loading... 荟萃浏览器 2.12.3
Loading... 荟萃浏览器 2.12.3
Loading... 荟萃浏览器 2.12.3

荟萃浏览器 / Description

1.简约风格 界面简洁布局清爽,感受纯净简约之美。
2.极速浏览 精心优化加载速度,畅享极速浏览体验。
3.广告拦截 标记任意广告元素,深度清除广告来源。
4.语音朗读 特色网页朗读技术,智能朗读任意网页。
5.资源嗅探 嗅探页面媒体资源,高速缓存在线视频。
6.阅读模式 文本重排去除广告,识别下页沉浸阅读。
7.看图模式 智能提取页内大图,自动加载分页图集。
8.定制界面 按钮位置随意调整,满足个性使用习惯。
9.插件扩展 一键安装轻量插件,发现更多特色功能。
Gathering take advantage of the strengths of others.
This is a new era browser designed to be perfect in every aspect.
1. Simple style The interface is simple and clean and feels the beauty of pure simplicity.
2. Speed ​​browsing Optimize the loading speed and enjoy the speed browsing experience.
3. Ad Blocking Mark any ad elements to deepen the source of the ad.
4. Voice reading A feature of the web page reading technology intelligent reading aloud any web page.
5. Resource sniffing Sniffing page media resources cache online video.
6. Reading mode Text rearrangement removes the advertisement and recognizes the next page to read.
7. View mode Automatically extract the large picture inside the page and automatically load the paging atlas.
8. Customized interface The position of the button can be adjusted freely to meet the personal use habits.
9. Plug-in extensions One-click installation of lightweight plug-ins found more features.
At the same time the software also has night mode large field of view full-screen gestures smart no map in-page search search tips view source code word translation one-click memory map pre-read web pages and other rich features to meet your full range of Internet access demand.

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