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Alarm Notify v0.1.a47.2

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Alarm Notify 0.1.a47.2
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Alarm Notify / Description

This is a tool application. It is useful for your productivity or just convenience.

It will show the scheduled NEXT ALARM in the notification area or in a widget on the screen. This will give you a good monitor of the important next scheduled alarm from a confused list of alarm settings.

It also can show a HOME button in the notification area. This button will just work as same as the system "Home" button. It is useful for the device with a hardware "click-style" home button because it will prevent your hardware button from the damage caused by too many times of click.

This application has been tested tablet. It works on tablet very well. The layout of setting activity is specially designed for tablet as well as phone.

Recent Q&A: How to fix: Alarm Notify application reports the next alarm time with 5 minutes earlier?

Main Features

1. Next Alarm Notification

1) Show a notification message to remind your the next alarm on notification bar after you have changed your alarm setting;

2) Show your next alarm in the notification area constantly;

2. Next Alarm Widget

Show your next alarm in a widget provided by this application;

3. HOME Button

Show a "Home" button in the notification. It works as same as the system standard home button. (This means it will protect your hardware button by reducing the usage of it)

4. You can directly go to the alarm setting by clicking a button in the main screen of this application;

5. The notification features in item 1 and 3 above can be switch off by changing the setting of this application.

Other features:

1. Three kinds of background of the widget you can choice: semi 80 percent and total transparent;

2. Three kinds of icon for notification message: 3D icon 2D icon blank icon. Black icon is a fully transparent. It is displayed like no icon existing.

Update History

Version 0.1.a24
Improved support for android version 4.4.2 (KITKAT). "Set Alarm" button will start the correct activity.

... ...

Version 0.1.a19
Newly added "Check update" setting.

Version 0.1.a18

Newly added 70 and 80 percent transparent setting for widget.
Removed the default alarm ring tone.

Version 0.1.a17

Improvement on the layout of main view for displaying the next alarm information.

Version 0.1.a16
New! 80-percent transparent in Widget Transparency section of Setting Preference.

Version 0.1.a15

* Bug fix.

Version 0.1.a14

* Bug fix.

Version 0.1.a13

* Better widget layout for Samsung Galaxy S3.

Version 0.1.a12

* Better widget layout for different devices.

Version 0.1.a11

* New feature: "Home Button" in notification.

Version 0.1.a10

* Improved default setting values.

Version 0.1.a9

* First publish.

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