CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game3.0.17

CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game v3.0.17

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CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game 3.0.17
Loading... CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game 3.0.17
Loading... CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game 3.0.17
Loading... CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game 3.0.17
Loading... CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game 3.0.17
Loading... CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game 3.0.17
Loading... CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game 3.0.17

CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game / Description

CropBytes is an online Crypto Game based on the real-world farming economy where you play and own assets inside the game & use them to provide goods & services to other players or trade. Start playing today and earn Bitcoins daily!

You are a businessman in a country farming township with a big map of land to yourself. Mama said you always dreamt big and this is your opportunity. Prove your skills in the virtual game world. Become the town’s biggest farming tycoon!

A game highly rated in the crypto community featured in 'Bitcoin Talk' 'egamers.io' & 'Crypto and Gamers' magazine. Over 10k players & 100 Million TRX transacted. The ‘Robin Hood’ of gaming applications.

Earn Cryptocurrency on CropBytes as a farmer trader or simply an investor. Get real returns in Tron(TRX) Bitcoin(BTC) Etherum(ETH) and more!

You can grow and harvest crops buy and own assets like farms animals etc and trade them thus generating more returns and more crypto money for you. The assets you own are yours! for real!

Just like in the real world there's an entire economy built around agriculture. Growing and harvesting crops and feeding animals to gain extracts like milk eggs truffles etc.

Produce can be converted to game cards or traded with co-players. You can also own assets that generate utilities & sell it to other players for electricity water etc.

Moreover CropBytes features a marketplace for trading in-game crypto assets animals & their extracts buildings & more for cryptocurrency.

All these activities contribute to a growing economy. As the economy grows your portfolios and returns grow too!
This in turn increases the value of your assets which can then be sold to co-players for cryptocurrency.

Farm and trade daily to grow your portfolio in the game.

Dive into the world of Crypto Games with the best Blockchain-powered game on Android/iOS. Join 10k+ players who use the power of Blockchain technology to play and earn real crypto!

Make profits in Tron when you sell your assets. Reinvest the money or take it home. Cash-out any time you like you can transfer your earnings in any
wallet or exchange accepting TRON.

Referral Bonus Bounty Programs Contest & more

Two Factor Authentication.
Highly Secure Wallet

Start Earning Crypto today ⚡️

👉 Customize your farm and explore other players’ farms. Grow & harvest a variety of crops & fruits. Sell your produce to co-players for crypto or use it to feed your animals.
👉 Feed Animals. Collect extracts like milk eggs wool & more. Breed your animals for new babies. Animal extracts can be traded with other players for crypto & can be converted to game cards.
👉 Provide services like food processing renting lakes & more to co-players. Generate utilities like electricity or supply water & trade for crypto.
👉 Trade assets supplies extracts animals game cards etc. in an open market. Earn returns in crypto and transfer to your preferred blockchain wallet.
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• The game is free to play; however in-app purchases are available
• Use of this application is governed by CropBytes. Terms of Service https://cropbytes.com/terms.
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CropBytes - Crypto Farming Game / What's New in v3.0.17

● Compatibility Issue resolved.
● Grid size optimized.
● Improved precision.
● Major performance boost.
● Big fixes & Improvements

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