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全家百貨物語-輕策略真經營 195.3203
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Loading... 全家百貨物語-輕策略真經營 195.3203

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The first light strategy casual shop management game that can be PK!
In Qimiao City the protagonist runs the last store of the declining Jinjia Department Store family. In order to win back the family's golden sign as soon as possible the protagonist needs to sign a variety of rare and high-profit products recruit unique employees in various positions attract superb customers with high spending power and study business strategies to cope with changing times in order to continue to expand. The scale and strength of the store will enhance the reputation of the store in the store PK competition of the Chamber of Commerce and restore the glory of the previous Jinjia Department Store.

Game Features★★★★★

Business is not without brain
Handsome employees are suitable for helping girls check out the cash. Employees who like to doze off should not let him move goods. Don't build toilets beside shelves. Should diapers and beer be put together? The management of employees the distribution of facilities and the connection of products are not without mind.

Business trip becomes an adventure
The RAP singer is selling masks? Ask the old farmer to use expensive or cheap cigarettes? There are constant embarrassments on the business trip and there are surprises and frights on the adventurous journey!

Qi Miao City is fickle
Frequent seasonal changes frequent unknown events when the weather is hot customers want to drink and when the weather is cold the sales of down jackets must be good. Reading more newspapers can make you the best response in a fickle environment. .

PK between bosses is more than making money
Making a lot of money is not just talking about it. How do you make more money from different customers in different places at school gates theaters women’s streets and basketball courts? Set up booths for both sides. In the end whoever makes the most money is who Winner the mall here = battlefield.

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