InviZible Pro1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)

InviZible Pro v1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)

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InviZible Pro 1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)
Loading... InviZible Pro 1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)
Loading... InviZible Pro 1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)
Loading... InviZible Pro 1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)
Loading... InviZible Pro 1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)

InviZible Pro / Description

Android application for Internet privacy and security.

Keep privacy, protect your device from dangerous sites, block ads,
get access to blocked Internet resources.
InviZible Pro includes well-known modules such as DNSCrypt, Tor, Purple I2P.
They are used to achieve maximum security, privacy and comfortable use of the Internet.
Start three modules of InviZible Pro, and you will transform from an ordinary user to the invisible,
which is very difficult to track, block, impose on you unnecessary products and
services in the form of ubiquitous advertising.
Encrypts DNS requests
Protects against DNS spoofing
Blocks ads *
Protects against dangerous and malicious sites *
Can block "adult" sites *
Hides visited sites from your provider
Prevents some types of resource blocks
*Depending on the selected dnscrypt server
Encrypts Internet traffic
Prevents sites blocking
Can provide privacy and anonymity
Provides access to "onion" sites
Purple I2P:
Encrypts Internet traffic
Provides access to the hidden anonymous network Invisible Internet and "i2p" sites
To start using InviZible Pro, it is enough to have an android phone. Just run all three
modules and enjoy safe and comfortable Internet surfing. However, if you want to get full control
over the application and your Internet connection - no problem!
Provided access to a large number of both simple and professional settings.
You can flexibly configure InviZible Pro itself, as well as its modules - DNSCrypt,
Tor and Purple I2P, to satisfy the most non-standard requirements.
InviZible Pro is an all-in-one application. After installation,
you can remove all of your VPN applications and ad blockers.
In most cases, InviZible Pro works better, more stable, faster than free VPNs.
It does not contain ads, bloatware code and does not spy upon the users.

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InviZible Pro / What's New in v1.0.3 (Beta) (Arm64)

- credit cenzo
@Nocna Furia

Implemented system-wide socks5 proxy.
Implemented and fixed modules proxy settings.
Fixed saving files with direct configuration editor.
Performs a full Tor restart in case of using bridges.
This app has no advertisements

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