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SSAMBAK 1.0.17
Loading... SSAMBAK 1.0.17
Loading... SSAMBAK 1.0.17
Loading... SSAMBAK 1.0.17
Loading... SSAMBAK 1.0.17
Loading... SSAMBAK 1.0.17

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Pull~ and fire!!
SSAMBAK is a battle action game where anyone can enjoy a variety of play with easy and simple operation.

■ Too easy game!
Anyone who knows how to flipping a go-piece game is OK
1.Win by dropping an opponent Hero
2. Win even if all opponent Hero's HP is exhausted

■ Crash with enemies! Crash with allies! Passive skill activate in various situations.
You can play more strategically with automatically triggered attacks and passive skills.

■ Change stage!
You have to survive in a stage that gradually narrows over time.

■ Various Hero full of personality
Gather and grow unique heroes of various professions such as Tankers Dealers and Healers.

■ Gather with friends and play simply and quickly!
[1vs1] [1vs1vs1] [2vs2] Compete with your friends in various modes.
The play time of one game is short and the afterglow is long.

■ How to enjoy Ssambak.
- Choose 3 Heros.
- Select the battle event you want.
- When the matching is over it's time to start.
- Pull and release the desired Hero in the desired direction.
- If necessary crash our Hero and use passive skills.
- If the map is getting smaller you should avoid that spot.
- If you have defeated all enemies various rewards will be waiting for you.
- Reinforce your Hero as a reward or get a new Hero.

■ Notice
- Some data in progress may be lost when the device is replaced or the game is deleted.
Be sure to close the game normally.

■ Request permission
-Smartphone app access permission guide
When using the app we are requesting access to provide the following services.

[Required access rights]
- Access to photos media and files
It is necessary for program installation and data storage in the terminal.
- Mobile phone status and call acceptance
Required for Customer Service and monitoring.
(Manufacturer model name OS version etc.)
- Allow access to address book
View device information to provide advertising services within the game.

■ Customer Service
Please send mail for game inquiries [email protected]

■ Brand page: http://ssambak.gameagit.com

■ User Agreement : http://www.gameagit.com/terms-of-service_eng
■ Parents Guide: http://www.gameagit.com/parents_eng

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SSAMBAK / What's New in v1.0.17

Fixed a bug that freezes during the game
Balance correction

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