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G.A.N.G. 1.9.0
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A new take on street warfare. Build your own gang from the ground up or go it alone. Form bonds and make enemies with rival gangs that are out to help you succeed or impede you at every step. Take on missions in enemy territory to earn loot and increase the strength of your character. Build your business from a suburban hustle to a city-wide empire. Take a load off with a collection of minigames. Be the biggest baddest boss you want to be on your rise to the top!

G.A.N.G. / What's New in v1.9.0

- [NEW!] Added Book Store to the map. You can now purchase books to increase your stat points!
- [NEW!] Added Hospital to the map. You can now discharge your men from the hospital or restore their HPs using the Medkits in your stash!
- Added 4 new normal gangsters and 5 new unique gangsters.
- Re-balanced the difficulty for Bite Club.
- Improved multiplied damage sound effect in Bite Club.
- Added empty list message to Bite Club fighter list.

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