Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game1.3.1

Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game v1.3.1

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Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game 1.3.1
Loading... Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game 1.3.1
Loading... Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game 1.3.1
Loading... Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game 1.3.1
Loading... Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game 1.3.1

Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game / Description

Perplexed is addictive brain teaser math puzzle game. The puzzle game is easy to learn and fun to play. If you like to play Sudoku you will also enjoy playing this free math game.

People who solve puzzles have some advantages over who do not. Solving puzzles improves concentration and train the brain to block any source of distraction. Mental puzzles help to reduce stress level by making the mind to focus on thinking the solution instead of the reason of anxiety. Solving math puzzles promotes healthy mindset by stimulating the brain and blocking negative thoughts. Moreover puzzles improves memory logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Perplexed is very helpful for the improvement of your brain logical thinking and memory. The puzzle game has well balanced difficulty levels both for beginner and advanced players. It will enhance your IQ and make your brain sharp.

How To Play: You will get a grid full of numbers. The goal is to make the sum of numbers in each row and column be equal to the number in the objective box. So you have to rearrange numbers in the grid to make sum of numbers in a row or column equal to the number in the box.

Two game mode is available to play: classic and endless

In classic mode you can select difficulty and grid size.
In endless mode you will be given a 4x4 grid with normal difficulty at first. Grid size and difficulty will increase if you keep playing.

The Puzzle game will help you to relax and make you smarter. Brain game improves your logical thinking ability. Perplexed is both for phone and tablet. If you are a Sudoku lover this puzzle game is for you. It has intuitive and simple interface and unlimited collection of puzzles.

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Language Support:
German, Swedish, Finnish, Russian,
Korean, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish,
Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian

Resolution Support and Bug Fixes

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