The Tribez Beta1.1.42

The Tribez Beta v1.1.42

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The Tribez Beta 1.1.42
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Get ready for a trip to the Stone Age! Take a mysterious portal to a far-away land discover a peaceful tribe of primitive folks become their chief and lead the people to prosperity. In this adventure game you’ll get to experience all sorts of activities: from farming the lands and feeding your tribezmen to fending off attacks on your village and settling new islands.

At first glance life in a primitive tribe might seem dull and uneventful but you’re about to discover how wrong that assumption is! The tribezmen have a lot on their plate: from finding efficient and replenishable food sources to mining and production of extremely rare and valuable resources. The game world is enormous and offers a lot of content: the more you develop the more options become available to you. At first you’re just collecting berries to feed your population and building simple huts to keep a roof over their heads. Yet as you progress you’ll get to farm gigantic veggies and fruit as well as build comfortable stone houses where your people will feel warm and safe. Improve the life of your tribezmen continually and you’ll unlock tons of fantastic content including prehistoric pets! That’s right you can get a sabertooth tiger or a mammoth as a house pet. Stone Age rules!

* You can play it offline! Enjoy managing your tribe wherever you are even on a plane.
* Eye-candy graphics. We’re continually working on improving the models in the game so it looks neat and fresh every day you launch it
* Tons of characters to fall in love with! The adorable trbezmen will capture your heart once and forever guaranteed
* Endless content. There are so many locations to discover quests to complete and buildings to construct that there aren’t enough hours in a day to unlock it all in one sitting
* The autonomous game world continues functioning even when you’re away
* Diverse social features that make playing the game with friends much more exciting. Team up to tackle bigger challenges and reap the most generous rewards!

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The Tribez Beta / What's New in v1.1.42

We care about your comfort on the islands! The tribezmen are working day and night to make even the most distant corners of your lands look neat and pretty.

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