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Tiny Sketch はモノクロ専用のペイントアプリケーションです。


-軽快にスケッチしたい。→1000~2000px 程度がお勧めです。
-印刷を前提に作業したい。→2000~5000px 程度がお勧めです。




Tiny Sketch is a painting application dedicated to monochrome.

◆ Ideal for such uses
- Write down ideas in illustration.
- Sketch as you wish on the go.
- Put a line with a pen in the rough sketch.

◆ Recommended manuscript size
- I want to sketch lightly. → 1000 to 2000 px is recommended.
- I want to work on the premise of printing. → 2000 ~ 5000px is recommended.
(The width of the manuscript is rounded up to a multiple of 8)

Main functions
- Pen tool corresponding to pen pressure (depending on model)
- Closed area fill tool
Up to 10 undo
- Set layer color
-6 types of tone tool
- Copy tool

* Please be aware of the following points for large original size
- This application does not limit the size of original and the number of layers.
Therefore when creating a particularly large canvas or adding a large number of layers the application may be forcibly terminated.
Periodic storage is recommended.

* If the export continues to fail
- You may have failed to secure memory area. After deleting the editing history please try with a small output size.

* For high resolution devices users
- If the device resolution is high you may feel stuck in operation. By lowering the screen resolution from the application settings you can speed up the drawing process.

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