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Multi-profile medical records is the modern and useful application for the managing and storing of your and your family members health data. With this application you can easily save medical records medical history and information about the health status of your family members and yourself and view all the records at one place.

With Multi-Profile Medical Records you can store all your medical history data in your device store the history of your visits to the doctor their recommendations referrals to laboratory tests test results and other information and also remember diagnoses of your illnesses dates of operations performed titles of prescribed medications and other important medical information. Through this app you can store the medical records of multi profile users at one time and can view all the medical records at one place respectively. It helps you to keep yourself updated with all the medical history of your family members and loved ones as well as helps you to consult with the doctors or medical people by exporting medical data and documents.

With the Multi-Profile Medical Records App a user can keep their own set of relevant medical information on their phone for easy access and sharing. One can easily access the medical records at any time. It provides instant access to your medical records and keeps your information private and secure as well as keeps all your medical records at one place for easy retrieval. Moreover this app allows you to view all reports and the health status of your family members. The application provides many features that help patients to keep records of many common medical concepts such as lists of medications doctor's visits illnesses health insurance medical tests surgeries vaccines and many more. The user is able to fill in several entries for each of the categories by family members. Other information such as details about the time of taking medication history of medication taken can be stored in the app.It could be considered as an app for medical administration family health care medical records tracker as normal people can use the app to store their private medical information and family health history.


Feel free to comment or email([email protected]) in case you have any queries or suggestions. Your support will help us improve the app and serve you better.

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