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Dear player your village was infected by werewolves last night. It's time to defend your side! 🧑

On Wolfy you play a role in each part with different powers.
Your goal: to disentangle the manipulations of the sincere facts in order to protect the village from the nocturnal attacks. 🐺

🔮 18 roles to play: vary your game experience by creating tailor-made games with new roles such as Red Riding Hood the Talkative Wolf or the Dictator.

🏆 Lunar ranking: for each good deed you earn laurels which will make you rise in the ranking. On the other hand you will lose if you make mistakes.

🧙 Skins and Customization: Create your character from scratch using over 500 different accessories and clothes.

✨ Leveling and progression: on Wolfy we start at level 1. You will be able to evolve by gaining the experience that you will obtain in each of your games.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community: with more than 1500000 registered players you will discover a formidable community with which you will play wild games!

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- The sounds & musics are functional again. 🐛

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