Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor6.16.5 (Paid)

Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor v6.16.5 (Paid)

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Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor 6.16.5 (Paid)
Loading... Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor 6.16.5 (Paid)
Loading... Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor 6.16.5 (Paid)
Loading... Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor 6.16.5 (Paid)
Loading... Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor 6.16.5 (Paid)

Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor / Description

Simple Gallery is a highly customizable offline photo vault and file organizer app loved by millions of people all around the world for its great intuitive user experience. Use the photo gallery to edit photos recover deleted photos protect and hide photos create secret photo album and easily crop pictures & view a huge variety of different pictures and video formats including RAW SVG GIF panoramic and much more. Download this non-invasive photo gallery and manage your albums the way YOU want them to be managed!

Simple Gallery - Photo and Video Manager & Editor

• A beautiful modern photo album with option to recover deleted videos and crop pictures with no ads
• Advanced Photo editor – crop pictures edit photos search images. Comfortable and easy to use photo vault to recover deleted videos
• No internet access needed giving you more privacy security and stability - truly offline secret photo album
• Quickly search images hide edit photos and recover deleted photos videos GIF & other files
• Open and view many different photo and video types (RAW SVG panoramic GIF etc)
• A variety of intuitive gestures to easily edit & organize pictures in our photo manager
• Lots of ways to filter group and sort files
• Protect and edit photos & videos with a pattern pin or fingerprint
• Use pin pattern & fingerprint to protect the app launch or specific functions too
• Recover videos from the recycle bin
• Use the photo vault to toggle visibility of files to hide photos & videos crop pictures
• Create a customizable slideshow of your files with many options within the photo gallery
•Search images edit photos & zoom high quality pictures videos and GIFs easily with gestures
• Easily force portrait or landscape orientation for easy video viewing
• File organizer - the Simple Mobile photo gallery allows you to rename copy/move un/hide delete imagesvideos GIF
• Set any image as wallpaper without hassle

Simple Gallery file organizer and photo album makes it easy to edit your pictures on the fly. Crop pictures flip rotate and resize or apply filters you desire.

Simple Gallery photo gallery file organizer supports a huge range of different file types including JPEG PNG MP4 MKV RAW SVG GIF Panoramic photos videos and many more.

From the UI to the function buttons on the bottom toolbar Simple Gallery is highly customizable file organizer and works the way you want it to.

Accidentally deleted a precious photo or video from your photo album? Simple Mobile Photo Gallery features a handy option where you can recover deleted photos - all thanks to this amazing photo vault app

Using pin pattern or your device’s fingerprint scanner you can protect and edit photos recover deleted videoscrop pictures & search images. You can protect the file organizer itself or place locks on specific functions of the app. For example you can’t delete a file without a fingerprint scan
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Don't forget that if you uninstall our photo album within 2 hours you will automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytime later just contact us at [email protected] and you will get it. That makes it easy to try it out :)

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Simple Gallery Pro - Photo Manager & Editor / What's New in v6.16.5 (Paid)

- @srajawwal09
Added some hidden folder handling related improvements
Fixed saving files on the SD card after editing
Couple other UX, translation and performance improvements

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