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LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0
Loading... LogiBrain Hitori 1.4.0

LogiBrain Hitori / Description

Get rid of your paper hitori you won't need it anymore! Thousands of unique puzzles 5 difficulty levels for beginners and pro players 7 different grid sizes lots of achievements to unlock and everything completely for free and presented to you in an amazing approachable and handy format.

LogiBrain Hitori is based on the traditional Japanese number puzzle game where you use your logical reasoning to figure out which numbers to gray out.

The objective is to eliminate numbers by making some of the squares gray until no row or column has more than one occurrence of a given number (Hitori is Japanese for "Alone"). Additionally gray cells cannot be adjacent although they can be diagonal to one another. The remaining numbered cells must be connected to each other.

LogiBrain Hitori includes puzzles in different sizes (5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 and 12x12) and different levels of difficulty (very easy '1 star' easy '2 stars' medium '3 stars' hard '4 stars' and very hard '5 stars')

If you love classic puzzle games like Sudoku Heyawake Kuromasu or Binary then you should definitely try LogiBrain Hitori. Challenge your brain and get ready to spend hours trying to solve all puzzles.

1. No duplicate numbers in rows and columns.
2. Eliminate numbers by marking them in gray.
3. Gray cells may not be horizontally and vertically adjacent. (diagonally is allowed)
4. White cells must form a single component and not be isolated.

Each puzzle has exactly one solution which can be deduced by logical reasoning. No guessing is required.

The first tap on the field will add a circle to mark the cell as correct (a circle will appear around the number) a second tap makes the cell gray a third tap will make the cell white again.

Quite simple rules eh? So warm up your brain and get ready for hours of puzzle fun!

☆ Challenge yourself on 5 difficulty levels from easy for beginners to extremely hard for masters.
☆ 7 different grid sizes (5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 12x12)
☆ No hidden in app purchases all puzzles are free to play
☆ Search for errors and highlight them
☆ Auto-save game leave the game at any time and come back later to finish where you left it
☆ Optimized for playing puzzles on mobile or tablet device.
☆ Check for errors and remove them
☆ Get a hint or the complete solution
☆ Go steps back and forth
☆ A great workout for your mind
☆ Lots of achievements to unlock

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LogiBrain Hitori / What's New in v1.4.0

- ANR/crash fixes
- Small improvements and bug fixes to enhance the game experience and performance

If you have any problems using the app please don't hesitate to contact us. Usually we can fix the problem within a couple of days. Please send any bug reports (including screenshots) to [email protected]

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