My Widget 我的小工具2.3.2

My Widget 我的小工具 v2.3.2

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My Widget 我的小工具 2.3.2
Loading... My Widget 我的小工具 2.3.2
Loading... My Widget 我的小工具 2.3.2
Loading... My Widget 我的小工具 2.3.2
Loading... My Widget 我的小工具 2.3.2
Loading... My Widget 我的小工具 2.3.2
Loading... My Widget 我的小工具 2.3.2

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1. Web:常看的新聞連結( Ex. Line Today、東森新聞等 )、體育 ( Ex. 緯來體育、NBA直播 )、科技 ( Ex. 科技新報、HTC等等 )

2. 計算天數:可用於計算您的交往日、已上班時間等等功能~

3. 餐聽:手動輸入餐廳,並且會隨機挑選出一間餐廳,解決不知道要吃什麼的問題

4. 飲料菜單:目前有Coco、清心、可不可、茶攤會的菜單,可在統計飲料時更加方便,且擁有購物車功能,在打電話叫飲料的時候更方便,日後也將慢慢更新更多飲料的菜單。

5. 聖經

6. 機車小幫手:可協助紀錄機車的狀況,如何時更換機油、加油等等功能

7. 備份與還原資料庫:還原資料庫需再sdcard根目錄創建同app名稱的資料夾,按下備份會自動創建。

8. App 內切換語言

9. 書本進度:可儲存小說或漫畫的進度本數、更新日期等功能。

***未來將繼續放入更多小功能,請大家多多支持! 也歡迎多加回報您所遇見的問題,協助我們做改善。
Includes quick previews of common news days calculation random selection of restaurants Bibles drink menus and motorcycle helpers

1. Web: Frequently viewed news links (Ex. Line Today Dongsen News etc.) sports (Ex. Weilai Sports NBA live broadcast) technology (Ex. Technology News HTC etc.)

2. Calculate the number of days: it can be used to calculate your interaction date work hours etc. ~

3. Dining: Enter the restaurant manually and randomly select a restaurant to solve the problem of not knowing what to eat

4. Beverage menu: There are currently Coco Qingxin Cocoa and tea stand menus which can be more convenient when counting drinks and have a shopping cart function which is more convenient when calling for drinks and will be slowly updated in the future. More drinks menu.

5. The Bible

6. Locomotive helper: can help record the condition of the locomotive how to change the oil refueling etc.

7. Backup and restore database: To restore the database you need to create a folder with the same app name in the sdcard root directory. Pressing the backup will automatically create it.

8. Switch languages ​​in the app

9. Book progress: It can save the progress of novels or comics update date and other functions.

*** More small features will be added in the future. Please support us! Please also report any problems you have encountered and help us make improvements.

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My Widget 我的小工具 / What's New in v2.3.2

1. 新增新聞來源 - RSS
2. 新增將書本進度匯出CSV
3. Bug修正以及程式優化
4. 支援Android 11

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