Data Eraser cb1.2.0 (Pro)

Data Eraser cb v1.2.0 (Pro)

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Data Eraser cb 1.2.0 (Pro)
Loading... Data Eraser cb 1.2.0 (Pro)
Loading... Data Eraser cb 1.2.0 (Pro)
Loading... Data Eraser cb 1.2.0 (Pro)
Loading... Data Eraser cb 1.2.0 (Pro)
Loading... Data Eraser cb 1.2.0 (Pro)

Data Eraser cb / Description

The data eraser app: cb Android Data Eraser to securely wipe your data

Warning:Data CANNOT be recovered that you have wiped with cb Android Eraser.

Notice:This app is free and completely ad-free. It contains all secure deletion algorithms and a variety of great functions. However the app can only delete 10mb of data per day in the free version (free space erase without limitation).
Please support our development with a premium in-app purchase to unlock all features. THANK YOU.

Today it is easy to recover deleted data from memory. Capitalize containing private notes internet history passwords address and contacts book photos videos calendars and more. Before you sell an Android device you need to make sure that all personal data have been wiped securely without any chance to recover.

Be sure that the data has been wiped using certified erasing methods and cannot be recovered.

★★★★★ Five Certified data shredding algorithms
★★★★★ Securely shred files & folders with ease
★★★★★ Easy access and erasure of data with File Explorer Integration
★★★★★ Securely Erase all Photos (or specific ones through the File Explorer)
★★★★★ Wipe the empty freespace (internal and external) of your device
★★★★★ Securely wipe all data on your external sd card
★★★★★ Securely wipe all contacts (Contact Book) clipboard and more
★★★★★ Secure data deletion fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR)
★★★★★ Audit Erasure Reports
★★★★★ Secure Erasure of empty folders
★★★★★ Handmade with love in Germany by cb innovations

How it works?
It takes only a few steps to securely wipe data such as files folders photos etc. be using patented data shredding standards. Making it impossible to recover any deleted files.

Free space wiping
When you delete any file the Android operation system removes the reference to that data but doesn’t delete it. It just simply marked as free so that another file can come and use those blocks.

With the cb Android Eraser app you can overwrite the unused disk space so that the data - you have manually deleted before over the time - cannot be recovered.

Highest Erasure Standards
cb Android Eraser is not only made in Germany - a country with the highest data protection standards and laws. The app comes with secure erasing methods such as the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) standard the German BSI-2011- VS and German BSI TL-03423 as well as the Canadian CSEC ITSG-06.

cb Android Eraser securely shreds data leaving them irrecoverable and offers a detailed audit erasure report to provide evidence of deletion.

About cb innovations:
cb innovations is a German company - based in Baden-Baden - that publishes luxurious mobile products and high-exclusive accessories. With more than 300000 customers in 101 countries our business model is based on innovation and founded on a love for technological progress and great design.

Being a creative pioneer in our field we marry advanced technology with beautiful design.
Our timeless products prove that we don’t follow trends – and on the contrary the products we make reflect the character and a passion for great design.

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- Pro Features Unlocked
Debug Info Removed


+ Minor improvement

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