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Theology Kit 3.0.1
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Theology Kit / Description

Theology Kit is a brief compilation of systematic theologychurch historyfundamental Christian doctrines and a thesaurus of biblical truths.
Understand the best of systematic theology with Theology Kit app.
Edify yourself unto maturity with Theology Kit .
Discover new dimensions of insight to church historyChristian theology(soteriologyChristologyeschatology etc)


Theology Kit offers

1. Simplified Systematic Theology
2. Simplified Church History
3. Quick Search for Selected Keywords
4. Church Directory and a list of all denominations.
5. Offline Usability
6. Believers Digest
7. Search index of Church Fathers
8. The impact of Christianity
9. Brief Dictionary of Bible terms
10. 30 days bible study plan
11. Charts
12. Personal Notes Pad

Why Theology Kit ? Our knowledge of God and our faith in God influences every aspect of our life.
The Just shall live by faith- thus faith is a lifestylehence it is vital for us to know what our faith is and who we believe in for us to walk a fruitful life. All these form part of our concepts about God and systematic theology.
With Theology Kit systematic theology is never boring nor cumbersome.

Theology Kit features all the fields of systematic theologychurch history and some fundamental bible truths .It contains various toolkit for studying the bible and theology.
With Theology Kit app you can get acquainted with theology in an interesting and non-boring way.
This free Bible Study toolkit features a brief yet powerful guide for effective and comprehensive study of systematic theology.

Theology Kit provides you with a nice experience for systematic theology.
Theology Kit helps you understand biblical numerology and symbolism in a quick and easy way.
Theology Kit makes it simple easy and interesting to study all these truths everywhere and any time.

Please Theology Kit is helpful send us your comments and reviews to enable us make it better for all believers .
Jesus Saves .
Stay Blessed

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Theology Kit / What's New in v3.0.1

You can now do bible reference search.
More resources and topics added in search feature.
New Reading Mode.
Bug Fixes and performance improvements.
With the usual systematic theology,church history, and some fundamental bible truths .
Extended support

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