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Todo Math 5.8.0
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The #1 math app for early learners — from counting to multiplication.

■ More than 7 million parents and 5000 teachers have made Todo Math their go-to app for young learners
› COMPREHENSIVE: 2000+ interactive math activities for Pre-K through 2nd grade.
› LOVED BY KIDS: math practice kids ask to play. Engaging gameplay beautiful graphics and adorable collectibles.
› EDUCATIONAL: Common Core State Standards-aligned curriculum. 5000+ elementary classrooms have used Todo Math.
› INCLUSIVE & ACCESSIBLE: playable in 8 languages left-handed mode help button dyslexic font and other accessibility features empower ALL children to learn independently.

Try Todo Math for free today!
› Easy email signup.
› No commitment no credit card information collected.

■ Todo Math covers all the fundamentals of early math education
› Counting and Number Concepts - learn to write and count numbers.
› Calculation - practice addition subtraction multiplication and word problems.
› Mathematical Logic - number-based memory games and pictographs.
› Geometry - Learn basic geometry such as drawing and learning shapes.
› Clocks & Calendars – learn days of the week months of the year and how to tell time.

■ Todo Math lets you select the right challenge level for your child
› Level A (Preschool) – Count to 10 and identify the names of shapes.
› Level B (Kindergarten Basics) – Count to 20 and add and subtract within 5.
› Level C (Kindergarten Advanced) – Count to 100 add and subtract within 10 tell time to the hour.
› Level D (1st Grade Basics) – Place value and simple geometry.
› Level E (1st Grade Advanced) – Carry-over addition subtraction with borrowing and dividing a plane figure equally.
› Level F (2nd Grade Basics) – Three-digit addition and subtraction measurements with ruler and graph data.
› Not sure of which level is right for your child? No problem! Use the in-app placement test.

■ Parents Page
› Easily change your child’s level edit their learning profile and review their learning progress.
› Sync profiles across multiple devices including cross-platform.

■ Built by Experts
› Leading education experts from Harvard Stanford UC Berkeley and Seoul National University.
› Award-winning children mobile app designers.
› Team was named co-winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE competition a worldwide competition to have children teach themselves math and literacy skills.

■ Awards & Recognitions
› SIIA CODiE award finalist (2016).
› Winner of the Parents’ Choice Award — Mobile App category (2015 2018).
› Awarded Best Design at the LAUNCH Education & Kids Conference (2013).
› 5 out of 5 star rating from Common Sense Media.

■ Safety and Privacy
› Todo Math complies with the US Children's Online Privacy Policy does not contain any third party advertising and can be played without an internet connection.

■ Have questions?
› Please check the FAQ on our website's help section (http://todomath.com/help/faqs).
› You can get the fastest response by going to the website > Help > Contact Us or the in the Todo Math app > Parents Page > Help.
∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙
We empower ALL children to learn independently.

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Todo Math / What's New in v5.8.0

Global Learning XPRIZE winner Enuma is now providing:
* Added feature to suggest the appropriate level.
* Rocket Launch: Control and Help button updated.
* Parent's Page: Fixed bug in lesson details.
* Profile: Fixed bug in lesson history.
* Challenge Mode: Incorrectly answered questions do not reappear.
* Modified some sound effects.
* Expanded application support for left-handed options.
* Modified other minor elements and fixed some bugs.
Let's go on a new adventure with Todo Math!

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